5 International Songs That Refuse To Get Out Of My Head!

Shreemi Verma
The Script, Kacey Musgraves, The National, Daft Punk and Coldplay
The Script, Kacey Musgraves, The National, Daft Punk and Coldplay

Music is therapy, it really is! Someone’s mood can be altered with the help of a few lyrics, nice beats and a voice that connects with us on some real deep level. Isn’t that magic? Just imagine how helpless you feel without your headphones, that’s when you realise how important it is for you to plug in and get lost in another world (the world created by music, not drugs). On that note, I’m listing down my top 5 songs which refuse to get out of my head! Feel free to add yours as well :)

1) The Man Who Can’t Be Moved- The Script

This wonderful song by The Script has been stuck in my head for nearly a year now. The lyrics that make my heart melt, yours will melt too! If only such undying love existed for us mere mortals!

2) Merry Go Round- Kacey Musgraves

I love the play on all the different kinds of ‘Merry/Mary’ Kacey Musgraves has put in this song! Here’s a sample:

Mama’s hooked on Mary Kay.
Brother’s hooked on Mary Jane.
Daddy’s hooked on Mary two doors down.
Mary, Mary quite contrary.
We get bored, so, we get married
Just like dust, we settle in this town.
On this broken merry go ’round and ’round and ’round we go
Where it stops nobody knows and it ain’t slowin’ down.
This merry go ’round

Told you, genius she is!

3) Get Lucky- Daft Punk

Could any other song BE more catchy? Daft Punk is awesome and Pharrell William’s voice makes this song cooler than ever! Let’s dance everyone!

4) The Rains Of Castamere- The National

The song which became famous during the infamous ‘Red Wedding‘ scene from my all time favourite TV show Game Of Thrones has a version sung by the indie band The National was played in the ‘Blackwater’ episode. The lead singer’s voice eerily reminds me of Tywin Lannister and I always feel like he’s singing this song while murdering people. I love it.

5) Magic-Coldplay

Chris Martin’s voice takes me to another world. His voice is magic, the words are magic, this whole song is magic!

Add the songs you can’t get enough of as well!