5 Super Sexy Shirtless Moments Of Salman Khan!

Shreemi Verma
Salman Khan
Salman Khan

You guys! Bigg Boss 8 is going to start and we’re already counting down the days because SALMAN KHAN! So due to the fact that the Salman Khan appreciation society exists everywhere, we present 5 super sexy shirtless moments of Salman Khan! Why you’d ask? Well, because it’s a Friday and most of you guys are still at work… typing away into your keyboard as you wait for the evening so that the weekend officially begins. So to add a little happiness to your day, here’s presenting Sallu Bhai in full form! Check it out.

1) The song which started a trend that will never end!

Only Salman could start something like this!

2) The movie which re-established the Salman mania or Salmanmania!

We got our desi Hulk!

3) The scene where Asin was literally drooling!

Salman knew the only way he could save Ready was to unbutton that kurta once and for all!

4) The movie where Salman had no choice!

The villains of his movies are as keen as the audience to see him shirtless!

5) The movie which ACTUALLY started Salman’s shirtless scenes journey!

Salman Khan
Courtesy: Rediff.com

We lied, O O Jaane Jaana wasn’t the first time he went shirtless, he started it with Suryavanshi!

Is your day better now?