7 Indian Street Food Made Better With Cheese!

Shreemi Verma
Cheese Dosa
Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Indian food is best food, we know it, our parents know it, our grandparents know it, our ancestors know it (this can go on forever).You know what makes our desi street food better? Do you really, really, really want to know? Well the answer, my friends, is cheese. Lots and lots of cheese! Grated, melted, diced cheese, in whatever form, makes our street food even better than it already is! Don’t believe me? Check out these beauties out and tell me what you think!

1) Exhibit 1: Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji
Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Look at this simple pav bhaji looking so nice and pretty! Harmless little thing.

Now look at what happens when you add cheese to it

Cheese Pav Bhaji
Courtesy: masala-culture.blogspot.com

Did you see how wild and sizzling this pav bhaji has suddenly become? Welcome to the dark side pav bhaji, you’re gonna love it!

2) Exhibit 2: Dosa

Courtesy: Tumblr.com

Hey dosa! I love you! But do you know what I love more?

Cheese Dosa
Courtesy: Pinterest.com

CHEESE DOSA! Because, oh my god!

3) Exhibit 3: Dabeli

Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Yo, Dabeli. I’m really happy for you, I am going to let you finish, but…..

Cheese Dabeli
Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Cheese dabeli is one of the best Indian street food of all time! Scratch that. It’s one of the best street food of all time!

4) Exhibit 4: Samosa

Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Samosas are beautiful, yes they are! But…

Cheese Samosa
Courtesy: Pinterest.com

My cheese samosas brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like definitely better than yours! I’m talking to you normal samosa.

5) Exhibit 5: Momos

Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Modest momos, steamed or fried, filled with chicken or vegetable goodness, you know they tried!

Cheese Momos

Cheesy momos, all sexy and hot, waiting to be eaten and melt in your mouth!

6) Exhibit 6: Maggie

Courtesy; webstagram.com

Sometimes all we need in life is a hot plate of Maggi noodles.

Cheese Maggi
Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Most of the time we need a hot plate of Maggi noodles with dollops of cheese on it.

7) Exhibit 7: Vada Pav

Vada Pav
Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Bombay’s favourite snack! The delicious vada pav is a life saver for many. Especially when one is suffering from a hangover and has no money left.

Cheese Vada Pav
Courtesy: Buzzintown.com

The only thing that can make vada pav better is by adding cheese to it! We think if the simple vada pav is comfort food for the hungover then cheese vada pav is the comfort food for the ones who are high! Get it, get it?

Oh and food isn’t the only thing that looks nice with cheese…

Chris Evans
Courtesy: Tumblr.com

Cream cheese anyone?