10 Must Try Street Food Stalls in Worli!

10 Must Try Street Food Stalls in Worli!

Seema Shetty
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Since I am a huge foodie, I thought I would blog about it and invite others to share my love for food! The first thing that came to my mind to write about was street food. As I am a true Worlikar by heart, this is a compilation of 10 of my favourite street foods youcan find in Worli.

1. Mohan Bhai Seekh Pav:

At the small family run thela of Mohan Bhai and his son, you can find the most juicy seekh pav with a fiery red chutney that will have smoke coming out of your ears! It is made specifically for people with iron clad tummies. Insider tip: The small stall near B.D.D. Chawl No- 90 starts selling the seekh pav only in the evenings after 7.30 and they all guaranteed to be over by 9 pm.

2. Manchekar Vada Pav:

Vada pav
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As most Mumbaikars and chances are they have eaten this deep fried, besan coated potato mix served with pav and colorful chutneys at some point in their lives. I believe you haven’t eaten vada pav until you’ve had it at Vada Pav Centre. Located near B.D.D. Chawl No-50, this stall starts at 8 am on Tuesdays through Sundays and is always crowded until it closes at 9pm. Insider tip: The batata vadas here are always fresh and piping hot!

3. Worli Vada Pav:

Vada Pav
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Vadapav Guy is yet another legendary place for what’s commonly known as the burger of India. Located adjacent to the HP Petrol Pump, you can find piping hot vada served up between soft pav with three options of chutney (including sweet for those who can’t handle the heat!) from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM daily.

4. Dev Momo Hut:

BandraRoad's Sue loves momos
BandraRoad’s Sue loves momos too!

My daughter led me to this tiny momo stall located on the footpath outside Nature’s Basket in Worli for the first time and we have been hooked ever since! While the handwritten “Momos” sign taped to the wall may not leave you with much confidence, we promise Dev’s Cart serves expertly cooked chicken, paneer and veg momos. The fillings are simple, the homemade tomato and garlic sauce is free flowing, and Dev is always smiling as he serves up these piping hot snacks from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm! Insider tip: Though home delivery was once stopped due to a stolen bicycle, Dev has now restarted the service and boasts of another stall he’s opened up somewhere near Hindmata Parel.

5. Kababwala at the Worli Sea Face

Reshmi kebabs (Pic: Wiki Commons)
Reshmi kebabs. Courtesy: Wiki Commons

When I first heard rumours about this kebabwala, I was pretty upset that I did not know he existed before. From that very moment, the hunt to find this particular kebabwala started. I finally found him accidentally, of course, near Worli Dairy. He has separate stalls for vegetarian and meat lovers, which are both always crowded with youngsters looking for a quick and tasty treat. Insider tip: He serves spicy chicken tikka, malai tikka, or murg seekh with roti, green chutney, sprigs of mint, and sliced onions. Insider tip:For the vegetarians out there, your options include barbequed potato, capsicum, baby corn, paneer and mushroom.

6. Idliwala near Shree Ram Mills

Medu Vada
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Anna starts his stall at 8.30 am and serves up the most amazing idlis and medu vadas along with different chutneys and sambhar. While he starts making dosas and uttapams a little later in the day, the stall is closed by the 3 pm in the afternoon. Insider tip: Anna’s stall is located just outside Shree Ram Mills Gate from the road that leads to Peninsula Corporate Park.

7. Misal Pav Near Podar Hospital:

Misal Pav
Courtesy: papadchai.blogspot.com

This hot and spicy misal pav served at the stall outside ICICI Bank is available to customers at 7.45 am. Shortly after, a supremely spicy chole bhature hits the menu at 8.15 am. Insider tip: Once these breakfast eats are sold out, the stall switches it up and sells frankies and pizza after 4 pm.

8. Babu Chinese Near Podar Hospital:

Courtesy: arcanealembication.wordpress.com

This stall, located behind Worli Medical, makes the best of all things chicken. From chicken lollipops to fried red chicken, all dishes we have tried are hygienic, affordable, and tasty. If poultry isn’t your thing, they also serve thai curries and pad thai noodles with an Indian twist! Insider tip:The Chef here is very proud of the fact that he has worked for a five star group of hotels.This is one chef with a lot of street cred!

9. Pav Bhaji at Haji Ali:

Pav Bhaji
Courtesy: www.kurrywalah.com

Being the foodie I am, when I heard about this stall, located between the main gates of Heera Panna, I could hardly wait to taste the pav bhaji he’s so famous for. As luck would have it, the day I was finally able to make a visit his stall was taken away! My bad. The second time, however, proved lucky, except for the fact that when I landed there at 7.30 pm the stall had not even started. Once the delicious pavbhaji topped with butter starts cooking it smells like heaven! You can hardly wait to dig into it! Insider tip: They start only after 8.15 pm and also serve amazing Tawa Pulao!

10. Kulfiwala near Worli Naka:

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After stuffing your tummies with all the scrumptious treats Worli has to offer, we suggest ending the eating spree with a cold and soothing Kulfi. You can find our favorite kulfi uncle on the road that leads to Peninsula Corporate Park only after 9 pm. Insider tip: Anjeer and malai are must try flavours!

Happy Eating!