Salman Khan Promises Bigg Boss 8 Will Be Full of Twists!

Priyam Saha
Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Start packing your bags already and get ready to take off with host Salman Khan on yet another crazy journey of Bigg Boss! The 8th season of Bigg Boss is gearing up to air on the 21st of September and the excitement level is cannot be contained! A few names are doing the rounds as potential Bigg Boss contestants this year. Of course, we have our own wishlist that we’d love to see in the mad house.

To up the intrigue around the show even more, the makers have released yet another promo for the show and we, like all the other ones, are loving this one too!

Salman, in his patent style, talks about how the pressure will be at its max in this season’s Bigg Boss, unlike a normal airplane – which is this season’s theme. As usual, he promises a whole lot of twists and turns in the new season.

Buzz is that the entire house will be designed like an aircraft and thanks to leaked pictures on the Internet, it has been revealed that the setting is inspired from the 15th season of Big Brother!

We are extremely excited for this year’s big take off! The countdown has begun! Are you looking forward to it? Tell us in comments below!