Say Adios To Those Dreaded Dark Circles With Your Favorite Tea!

Malini Agarwal

Ever looked in the mirror and wished those dark circles would JUST disappear? Have you tried EVERY concealer, eye cream, and eye gel on the market with no avail? Don’t worry… we ALL have. Just when you started to accept those puffy eyes as your au naturel self… TEA BAGS come to the rescue! Yes, you heard correctly!! What’s the secret? CAFFEINE! Bet you didn’t know caffeine instantly shrinks the blood vessels around your eyes! I knew caffeine and I were meant to be soul mates.

Follow the steps below to reveal a younger and fresher looking you!


1. One Tea Cup

2. Two Tea Bags

3. Plastic bag or container


1. Let the tea bags soak in a cup full of hot water for at least 5 minutes. You are basically making tea.


Feel free to even enjoy your newly made cup of tea…mmm

2. Remove the tea bags and place them in your plastic baggie to store in the refrigerator.I tend to leave mine in the refrigerator overnight. Remember: the cooler the bags, the better they work!

3. Remove your tea bags from the refrigerator and drain the excess liquid to avoid them dripping all over your face… unless you are into that sort of thing!

4. Put some Bob Marley on your ipod, place the tea bags completely over your dark circles, and get horizontal on your favorite couch.


5. Keep the tea bags on for 15-20 minutes and then remove.

Voilà ! There you have it.. fresher looking eyes! Repeat as often as you please! For best results, repeat at least twice a week!

Caffeine Compound Structure
Caffeine Compound Structure

choosing tea for your new beauty secret:

1. Black > Oolong > Green > White in terms of caffeine content

2. Choose one with antioxidants for added rejuvenation.

3. Most importantly, pick a tea that you enjoy sipping.

Don’t forget to share any DIY beauty secrets that work for you in the comments below!!