The Biggest Bigg Boss 8 News Has Just Come In!

Priyam Saha
CAPTAIN Salman at the take-off of Flight Bigg Boss 8
Salman at the take-off of Flight Bigg Boss 8

We hope you’ve marked your calendars because the big countdown has begun! Only 3 days to go for the inaugural episode of the Bigg Boss 8 and we are very, very excited about it. We would like for you to take a little time off from watching the Bigg Boss promos on repeat, making your BB wishlist, going down memory lane and following the grapevine about potential contestants, as the biggest Bigg Boss news yet has just come in! You will not believe what the makers of this controversial show have planned for you guys this explosive season.

As we know by now that evidently the theme of this season is airplane and aviation. The house will be designed in the form of an aircraft, which interestingly is inspired from the 15th season of UK’s Big Brother. But that’s not all! We hear that this season’s Bigg Boss is going truly international and will actually be shot in Bangkok!

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

That’s right! Buzz is that sometime during the second half of the season, for an instant hike in the TRPs, the contestants are going to be flown to Bangkok. All the participants have been asked to carry their passports. We wonder if they will book out a private island or something for the shoot as the contestants obviously cannot have contact with the outside world on the show.

We wonder if this is what Salman meant when he said at the launch of Bigg Boss, “This time Colors has so much of money that we can still fly abroad and shoot indoors.”

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

If the rumours are true, Colors is obviously looking to up the ante big time! An international shooting of Bigg Boss will be a first on the show.

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