10 Things Bigg Boss 8 Contestants Must Do To Entertain Us!

Jumana Mahableshwarwalla
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Hello, all you wonderful readers and avid lovers of Bigg Boss. The countdown begins! The show is just a day away and we simply cannot wait for the hilarity to begin!

It’s so much fun to watch Bigg Boss and with each season Salman Khan raises the bar of entertainment even more.

Since we have 7 seasons worth of experience as viewers, we now expect the new batch to take pointers from this post on what actually ticks their viewers’ humour buds and what will help them get the votes they need to stick in the house.

Let’s do a quick countdown of the 10 most insane things that happen and must continue to happen on Bigg Boss!

1. Food Fights

Please Bigg Boss, there has to be one giant who has a huge appetite and makes no compromise on his food size whether there’s food for everyone else or not or whether he has performed the task or not.

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Bigg Boss

He will eat no matter what (and eat a lot) which will inevitably piss off the rest of the inmates. This giant even threatens to fall apart if not fed! Remember the times when they even hid chocolates from each other?

2. Kitchen Nazi

These are really crazy! These are like the kitchen police from Guantanamo Bay. They are so psychotic that they will go to any lengths to torture their inmates who dare to go against their kitchen rules. These people act like they own the kitchen and even provide the groceries in the house.

Bigg Boss

If, by mistake, you don’t have enough support from the rest in the house, chances are the Kitchen Witch will make you go hungry… or at least create a little drama over how little food there is and how the needy doesn’t deserve it! The fact that, from nowhere, they decide the rules and this ticks off fights at home. These fights are always a “must not miss scenario” on the show!

3. Unhygienic Entertainment

There has to be one dirty inmate who smells and has desire to change his smelly way. He will even carelessly refuses to clean around the house. Isn’t it hilarious to watch this dirty scoundrel slipping from his work duties?

Source: Colours TV
Source: Colours TV

He shamelessly calls the nagger a nag (even too old and boring) and sinfully sips limited coffee in the garden area made hot literally on the head of the raging nagger!

4. Cat Fights

Number four on our ‘must have’ countdown is so important! You have no idea. It’s like Bigg Boss earns bonus TRPs when, on that episode, any two people lash out at each other! It’s one of the best parts of the show to watch, analyse, laugh at, and then bitch it out with friends.

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Bigg Boss

We’ve had women fight over food, bed, shampoo, bathroom timings, and just about any nonsense possible. You know what’s even better… when the guys join in!

5. Cupid Big Boss

Romance on Bigg Boss is extraordinary. Sometimes it seems like these ‘romantics’ have no work. They come into the house with one agenda… to get a girl to like them and then date them on the show. PDA for free is their way of contribution in the house.


These couples act like they waited all their lives to come on this show to find each other, play house (sometimes even make love on air!) and thus irritating the single ones to no extent. Did you know that Big Boss is also a successful cupid? Rumour has it that Armaan Kohli and Tanishaa Mukherji from season 7 are getting married!

6. Me, Myself and I

These people are so full of themselves that they are almost clueless about conversations in the house and make everything about themselves. These are such types that even if you tell them that that floods occurred and destroyed many livelihoods, they’ll say something outrageously funny like “Yeah, floods happened at my rented flat in Bandra when it rained too hard!”

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Eventually inmates tune them out believing they won’t take the silence personally ;)

7. Conversations with Bigg Boss

These conversations are the reason I watch Bigg Boss.They crack me up! The inmates are so fried they don’t know who to talk to without bias so they talk to Bigg Boss. They annoy him by saying useless things like why they are not fed, how their imaginary Porsche is waiting to be driven back home, how they need a spa to relax, and that they hate someone and might want to smash their face in.

Source: Wiki
Source: Wiki

So Bigg Boss just has to listen helplessly. Even if he tries to avoid listening by giving a sudden task, these inmates just don’t get the hint! Remember Ejaaz Khan? I’m in splits right now. He would talk to Bigg Boss even in the middle of a task!

8. Threats to leave the show

These are sick. I can’t begin to tell you how funny these are! The inmates never want to actually leave the Bigg Boss House, but threaten to do so every day until one day Bigg Boss is so annoyed he just asks them to leave.

Bigg Boss

What’s crazier is that after getting kicked out they come back and pretend like they never left!

9. Don’t Angry Me

Just because their rubbish anger was tolerated by inmates once, they take advantage of it and keep fighting with all contestants who dare to bug them. They have a severe condition of launching at people any point in time! They are like supersonic rockets. Once shot, they cannot be stopped.

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Bigg Boss

The poor inmates complain, but the hot heads don’t care.

10. Open day with Salman Khan

I’m telling you, if Bigg Boss was a school it would be listed as the best crazy school one can go to. Fridays with Salman Khan are full power! He follows them like a spy.

Source: Colours TV
Source: Colours TV

He knows whatever they are up to and reveals it all in front of millions of fans. The best part is how he makes them spill each other’s secrets in front of each other, makes them dance spontaneously, and even makes them praise inmates they hate! *Bruises Ego*

Give it up for Bigg Boss season 8!

Dad abhors it, mom supports it, and my sister and I are porning on it. How does your family feel a bout it?