5 Performances From SLAM! The Tour That Made Our Night!

5 Performances From SLAM! The Tour That Made Our Night!

Kanika Monga
Courtesy: Malaika Arora Khan's Instagram
Courtesy: Malaika Arora Khan’s Instagram

We had told you that North America was in for a real treat as Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Malaika Arora Khan (and many more) were going to be seen on one stage!!!!! We brought you pics of the HNY crew leaving the airport for Houston! Now we bring you OUR 5 favorite performances from Houston!

1) Chaiya Chaiya

We had already established  ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ as one of the hottest choli songs, but seeing it live hit another level of hotness. Every time I hear that song, my hips try (and fail immensely) to mimic Malaika’s mesmerizing hip movements! How does she even do it?! The hip movements are joined by the inevitable fist clenching and head bobbing! Their performance transported the audience to the top of a train in Ooty!!!


2)    Tumse Milke

SRK and Farah Khan really struck a cord with this performance. The audience was nothing but smiles!! It was amazing to see how everyone in the audience – kids, parents, and grandparents included had the chorus memorized to the key!

3)    Lungi Dance

We knew it was coming and could not wait! The lungi dance song was used throughout promotions and had us more excited than ever before. What caught me by surprise was that Yo Yo Honey Singh joined the guys on stage for this one! If Kevin Spacey can do it, then why not our very own Yo Yo Honey Singh?!


4)    Nagada Sang Dhol

That girl can move! As soon as Dippy started dancing to ‘Nagada Sang Dhol’ there was not a single person in the audience that could look away from her truly enthralling performance. No one would ever believe that she actually had the jitters before learning her dance routine for Ram Leela. Believe me when I say, every jaw had dropped!


5)    Dhoom

SRK and Abhi teamed together for a jam-packed and high energy Dhoom performance. The two really complimented each other on stage! They both have incredible timing and stage presence. It was a very sleek performance!!


Overall, the show definitely did not leave us void of what it had promised! There was tons of SOUND, LIGHT, ACTION, and MUSIC. SRK even engaged his fans by calling some on stage!  Boman Irani and Farah Khan revisited some of Shah Rukh Khan’s songs and added tons of comic relief! I realized that the ABSOLUTE best part for any SRK fans in the audience was that the stage never missed SRK for too long. He only left to come right back again! The entertainment guru and heartthrob had girls, aunties, and grandmas alike losing their voices over his dimples and obvious sincerity to his fans! The show was really a dream come true. With tons of SCREAMING, we definitely let LOOSE, were AMAZED, and went MAD! (Did you see what I did there?) Houston, how was it getting SLAMMED? Tell us in the comments below!!!


DON’T MISS OUT on this absolute magical show! Get ready to be SEDUCED, fall in LOVE, become AWESTRUCK and absolutely MESMERIZED!

20th Sept 2014: Continental Arena, New Jersey
21st Sept 2014: Jiffy Lube Live, Washinton DC
26th Sept 2014: Sears Center Arena, Chicago
27th Sept 2014: Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), Vancouver
28th Sept 2014: SAP Center, San Jose

Pictures: Karishma Noorani/Chintan Shah for MissMalini