6 Clichés That Indian Authors Live With!


Spotgirl is the pseudonym Komal Mehta goes by. She is the author of the bestselling novel Nick of Time with Penguin Books India. She is Movie Marketing Manager by day and an author by night. Komal has just released her second book with Penguin Books India titled what else but… Spotgirl.

1. Every time you tell someone you wrote a youth oriented book… they respond ‘Oh, So it’s like a Chetan Bhagat book’.

2. Every time you tell anyone you have written a love story, they say ‘achcha, so it’s like a mills and boons’.

3. Favors, When people come to know you are an author…

Friends, relatives, and acquaintances pour in with requests such as –  ‘Oh so you can write my statement of purpose next time’, ‘Can you write the text for my invitation card’, ‘Can you write my wedding wows’, ‘Can you write my grand moms obituary’.

The worst I’ve ever gotten ‘Can you write me like a generic SMS to ask any girl for a date’.

4. Relatives will say ‘It is a lovely hobby, but lousy profession’

They will put pressure on your parents to brainwash you and convince you to get a real job.

5. No one will ever get what a genius you are even if you get fan mail by the dozens.

At home it will always be ‘wanna be author… take out the trash please’.

6. Every time you go out for a reunion or your group of friends…

You realise everyone looks at you with a certain sympathy.

This is probably because you are poorest person in your group of friends or most of your friends think you are the most delusional person in the world.