Sidd Coutto
Sidd Coutto strumming away in the video for “Voices In My Head”

Where do you go to hear tunes featuring some of the coolest indie artists our country has to offer? Right here on MissMalini! In the third episode of MissMalini’s World, we gave you a taste of the music of Sidd Coutto. If you’re into easy tunes with a happy note… then Sidd’s your man! Check out our top 5 Sidd Coutto tracks below.

1. Voices In My Head

I think this is the kind of track you play at home while you spend time with yourself. It’s fun and non invasive, especially if you’re like me and love listening to music while you work.

2. Life Is Alright with Anushka Manchanda

Time for something mellow and minimal. The talented Anushka Manchanda performs live with Sidd and the song is so smooth. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to see them perform the same again!

3. Liar with Shefali Alvares

Heartbreaks and heartaches always make a great song, and these songs find their way into your playlist right when you need them the most. This track features Sidd and the feisty Shefali Alvares.

4. Rock N Roll (Pentagram cover)

For all you Pentagram fans, here’s Sidd Coutto covering a track by them. What do you think?

5. Taxi Song with Tough On Tobacco

This is my favourite song featuring vocals by Sidd with Tough On Tobacco! It’s probably one of their most loved tracks by fans and it had to be in the list.

So what’s you favourite track by Sidd Coutto? Drop in a line for him in the comments below!

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