Meet Akshai Sarin
Meet Akshai Sarin

While we were shooting at BBlunt Bangalore, MissMalini bumped into music maker and all star gem of a guy, Akshai Sarin. We love his music and he gladly offered to sample his latest project for MissMalini’s World. You can check it out in the first episode here. We at Team MissMalini thought you should hear more from this happy music man, so here’s our list of 5 Akshai Sarin tracks that we think make a great score to drive to.

1. Elephant Ride with Moonbeam featuring Avis Vox

Driving to the club? Pump up the volume when you play this track. Don’t miss Sarin’s fab beats on the tabla!

2. Walk On Water with Kitchie Nadal

I have driven to this track and I must say it’s quiet a trip. The flow and dips in the track is perfect for a ride. It’s just like walking on water.

3. Anoni with DJ Yahel

This should definitely be on your playlist while aimlessly driving around a beach paradise in search of the hottest parties. It has that psy-feel that trance lovers will dig.

4. Heineken Open Your World

No points for guessing that the tune in this track is the title song from the Bollywood classic, Amar, Akhbar, Anthony. With the drum-bass treatment, it’s rigidly cool!

5. Akshai Sarin LIVE at Afrojack Mainstage at Sunburn 2013, Goa.

I had to add this video to show you Akshai in his element. This medley of tracks proves that the dude’s music is dance and drive-worthy.

So there you have it. 5 awesome foot tapping tracks to drive to. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get out of your car and start dancing too! In fact, we encourage it. Keep watching MissMalini’s World on TLC every Friday to get your dose of indie music along with a whole lot of fun moments with Team MissMalini and all our antics!