Bigg Boss Interview: Upen Patel Reveals Whether He’s Looking For Love in the Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss Interview: Upen Patel Reveals Whether He’s Looking For Love in the Bigg Boss House

Priyam Saha
Upen Patel
Upen Patel

Upen Patel is all set to make his presence felt in the Bigg Boss house. For those of you who missed last night’s inaugural episode of Bigg Boss 8, Patel looked quite dapper for his take off into the house of horrors. Buzz is that he was one of the first people to be approached for this season’s Bigg Boss. We caught up with him right before he entered the house. Here are snippets from our conversation.

Team MissMalini (Team MM) : So you in Bigg Boss is quite the surprise! Take us through how it all happened?

Upen Patel (UP) : The makers came to me with Bigg Boss 8 some months ago and I won’t lie, I had my reservations. I actually spoke to MissMalini about it too. But ya… always up for a challenge and here I am. I’m going in with an open mind and looking forward to my journey.

Team MM : So we haven’t really seen you around for a while…

UP : Oh that’s because I was shooting for my movie I. That took three years to make and now the response for the trailer is so overwhelming. Apart from that, I have been working round the clock… fashion shows, ramp walks and events.

Team MM : Okay. So you come from a fashion background. Should we look forward to a kickass wardrobe by you inside Bigg Boss?

UP : (laughs) Not really. Yes, I love fashion and clothes excite me and all but I’m essentially carrying clothes I wear around the house. More comfort than style. My first episode look is very red carpet though. In the house, however, I am mostly keeping it casual.

Upen Patel
Upen Patel

Team MM : Every year there is at least one couple that comes out of Bigg Boss. You think you’d be one of them?

UP : I don’t know yaa. I’m single but I am not really looking. But you never know about these things, right? If it happens, it happens. It’ll be just as much a surprise for me as it’d be for you.

Team MM : Do you have a favourite former Bigg Boss contestant?

UP : I liked Elli Avram from the last season.

Team MM : Last question, what is the one thing that you want the world to know about you through Bigg Boss?

UP : I think the real me. The thing is, the media creates this persona about you based on some hearsay or some roles you’ve portrayed. I wish to change that and show the audience the real Upen Patel.

Well, Upen has entered the house carrying a bikini that he thinks will come to rescue when one of the ladies want to use the swimming pool. Little did he know that they won’t have a swimming pool at all this season. Also, in tonight’s episode itself, we are going to see him and fellow contestant Sukirti Kandpal bond. Is love in the air already? Stay tuned!

And what are you expecting Upen to do while he is in the house? Tell us in comments below!