We Have Found The Best Video Of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off!

Shreemi Verma , 22 Sep 2014
Taylor Swift (Photo Courtesy | www.flickr.com)
Taylor Swift (Photo Courtesy | www.flickr.com)

Taylor Swift’s brand new video Shake it Off is kickass to say the least! It’s fun, it’s cute and the best part is that the girl knows how to take a joke! Detaching herself from her country roots and embracing her love for pop music, Shake it Off is not a regular song. It’s a cool song! High 5 for the Mean Girls reference. Anyway, refresh your memories and check out the hilarious video!

T-Swift has really outdone herself, hasn’t she? Now check out THIS version of Shake It Off!

Adorable, isn’t it?

Now let’s go in flashback mode and list down some of the best Taylor Swift songs.

1) Love Story

Ah! So Darcy-ish this guy looked! This was the song through which Taylor Swift became the queen of country!

2) You Belong With Me

The song for all the girls who aren’t cheerleaders!

3) Teardrops on my guitar

Yep, girls get friend-zoned too you know.

4) We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Ross and Rachel should have kept singing this song!

5) I Knew You Were Trouble

What did you do Harry Styles?

Tell me your favourite Taylor Swift songs!

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