5 Akshay Kumar Songs From The '90s That Will Make You Laugh, Dance And Probably Cry!

Shreemi Verma , 24 Sep 2014
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

Vintage Akshay Kumar is the best Akshay Kumar! Maybe not, but for my disgusting brain who likes all things weird, some of the 90’s jams picturized on Akshay Kumar were the best things to happen for my childhood (I had a happy, healthy childhood BTW). So stop working for a bit, plug in those headphones and listen to some funny, crazy and somewhat cringeworthy songs the Khiladi Kumar danced to with a lot of enthusiasm. Yay for Akshay!

1) Bholi Bhali Ladki

Ho ho ho ho! Akshay, you can’t just sing ‘ho’ to any lady randomly! She’s a bholi bhali little ladki!

2) Samose Mein Aaloo

I really think this song is a true metaphor for love. Like I’d love it if a guy promises to be with me just the way aaloo and samosa have promised each other!

3) Barana De Barana De

This is usually the song I sing to my parents during the end of each month.

4) Hum Hai Seedhe Saadhe Akshay

I love this song. Judge all you want. #HatersGonnaHate

5) Main Khiladi Tu Anari

I know it has Saif Ali Khan, but this song is just too cool! Plus I really think Akshay and Saif made awesome bros, they were like the pioneers of Bromance in Bollywood don’t you think?

Now before you go, ladies always compliment creepy men in masks like Raveena Tandon does, LIKE THIS!

Raveena Tandon
Courtesy: YouTube.com


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