Kim Sharma Lends a Helping Hand To Kids With Cancer

Kim Sharma Lends a Helping Hand To Kids With Cancer

Priyam Saha
Kim Sharma
Kim Sharma

Mohabbatein girl Kim Sharma has been away from the public eye for a while now. She married Ali Punjani, a Kenyan businessman, in 2010, but now the babe is back with her very own bridal grooming service called Liaison.

She has started her services in India already but is planning to introduce her company on September 29th at Helping Hands  which is a charity exhibit by Vandana Mallik and is also supported by Avantika and Imran Khan.  Helping Hands makes an attempt to provide nutritional food and a roof over the heads of children who are fighting a painful battle against cancer.

We caught up with Kim to talk about her new venture, her association with Helping Hands and much more…

Team MissMalini (Team MM) : What prompted you to lend support to Helping Hands?

Kim Sharma (KS) : It is such a noble cause. I have always believed in charity and we are happy to be associated with anything charitable. Our association with them is in complete sync with our own company and profile.

Team MM : So tell us something about your brand new venture Liaison?

KS : Liaison is a grooming consultancy based on the simple concept of connecting a person with certain needs with the best in the industry and ensuring to your client the highest level of attention is being paid to them and monitoring the entire process of transformation.

Kim Sharma
Kim Sharma

Team MM: What is the idea behind it?

KS : We see brides quite messed up on their big wedding day and that’s when I realized they’re spending lots of money but not in the right way. I soon started getting requests to help in grooming and began enjoying it. So here we are. We address problems across the board – be it medical, aesthetic, psychological, emotional or even style-related. And I have a huge network of industry professionals that I have worked with closely over the years who will be helping my clientele. When a couple comes to me, they’ll sort of be under my umbrella. We provide personal attention to each client.

Team MM :

What would be your advice for young girls about how they should groom themselves?

KS :  The important thing to remember is that to be well groomed is a complete package. It is a sync of mind, body, and soul. Complete grooming cannot happen if any of the links are missing. I would tell the young girls to work on enhancing their personality to the best of their ability .

Team MM : Okay. And when can we see you back on the silver screen again?

KS : You know, I did that for such a long time and then I didn’t do it for so long. Right now, there are no Bollywood plans. As of now I am very happy with life and all that I’m doing. There are lots of things I’m busy with so there are currently no plans to be back on screen.