The AIB Boys Have Come Up With the BEST Response to the Deepika Padukone-TOI Controversy

Priyam Saha , 24 Sep 2014

Like we needed more reasons to like Deepika Padukone! Deepika  recently came out to take a stand against Times Of India and called them out for their sensationalist approach to news when they posted an article that focused on a shot of Deepika’s cleavage. Deepika’s open letter about the issue earned her all our respect all over again. Also, while TOI should have just apologized, they published their “point of view”, which loosely implied that Deepika was, in fact, asking for it as she has no qualms about posing in swimsuits and started her a career as a “calendar girl.”

Their last video featuring Alia Bhatt went viral and we know that this one will rock the internet too!

Well, trust AIB to take this serious issue, spin a little comedy in it and really put things in perspective. In their latest video called The Times Of Boobs, they have made a satire of what an edit meeting of this leading daily may be looking like.  AIB has single handedly pointed out sexism, marketing, sensationalist and strange editorial policies and taken all their cases all at once.

What do you guys think of this video? Tell us in comments below!

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