5 Reasons You Should Head to Tonight’s ‘Taboo Soiree’!

5 Reasons You Should Head to Tonight’s ‘Taboo Soiree’!

Jaymin Dalal
Taboo Soiree
Taboo Soiree

There’s a gaping hole when it comes to LGBT friendly spaces in India, so Salvation Star has stepped up to the rescue! The fabulous people I’m talking about believe everyone should have the freedom to love, and the freedom to express it, regardless of any societal taboos. The first step is for all open-minded people come together, and now there’s a platform to do it… while rocking out of course! So head over to The White Owl in Lower Parel tonight at 9:30pm for the launch of, ‘TABOO SOIREE’!

Here are 5 reasons you have to check it out, regardless of what you think you know about the LGBT community ;)

1) Cocktails


Smooth, free flowing, ‘owlastic‘ cocktails for all ;)

2) Food

Tina Fey
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One should never need convincing when good food is involved.

3) Music

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A rocking celebration, means rocking music. Tonight’s global entertainment has something for everyone!

4) Ambience

White Owl
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You had me at illuminated bicycles hanging on the wall…

5) Support

Courtesy: Facebook.com/gayprideindia

And last but not least, you should come tonight to show support for your fellow community members :) We’re looking forward to the time when we won’t need to label our awesome parties as “LGBT-friendly”, they can just be called ‘friendly’, cause that’s what we are! This party is for anyone and everyone who supports equal rights and equal treatment… and there’s no reason better than that to party!

Hope to see you tonight from 9:30 onward at The White Owl in Lower Parel, Mumbai at the Taboo Soiree!

Entry charges of Rs. 300 only to help us with the expenses!