Extended Cut: Kangana Ranaut on MissMalini's World

Rashmi Daryanani , 04 Oct 2014
Kangana Ranaut and MissMalini
Kangana Ranaut and MissMalini

We love listening to Kangana Ranaut, because she’s almost the only actress in Bollywood who doesn’t really mince her words. Her The Front Row interview with Anupama Chopra was one of our favourite interviews of all time, so when we found out that MissMalini would be interviewing both of them after one of Anupama’s recent masterclasses, we were super thrilled! It was a great conversation, and we hope you caught it as a part of MissMalini’s World, episode 4. Now, we’ve got the FULL version for you below, including all the bits that didn’t make it into the television edit! Watch:

Anupama: “Kangana is one of my favorite actors. I think her body of work has just been incredible. Her journey has been amazing and is so inspiring.”

Kangana: “This is one of those industries which is looked at as something shallow and superficial, like everything is about gossiping.”

Kangana: “I am not going to be on Twitter. I like my privacy, and I’m a very sensitive person. I’m not trying to be a bitch, I’m just trying to protect my privacy. For me… I can uneasy and anxious talking to someone I’ve never met.”

Kangana: “I would like someone who is as sensitive as me. I am ultra-sensitive. I’m very perceptive of things that might not be of any importance to anyone. So I don’t make many friends. I protect myself because I can get hurt very easily. So someone who understands this little drawback of mine and handles me with care.”

Anupama: “What surprised me about Kangana was the honesty. There are not too many people who are willing to say it like it is. They may say it but they’ll couch it in some language or the other. She doesn’t. When she did that interview with her and me alone, the things she said blew my mind.”

Kangana: “One thing that I’ve learned is to not get under pressure of wanting to be someone else or meet someone’s expectations.”

Check out behind the scenes photos of the MissMalini’s World photoshoot:


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