5 Juice Recipes That Will Leave You Wanting More

5 Juice Recipes That Will Leave You Wanting More

Kanika Monga
Enjoy your juice, Ryan's got it all under control!
Enjoy your juice, Ryan’s got it all under control! Courtesy: Meme generator on Img Flip

Juicing is a fun way to get essential nutrients while keeping the body hydrated! Whether you are making your own juice or buying them from the store, we have some key ingredients you should definitely try out. In our list below, we share with you some of our favorite secret ingredients. While we are at it, we’ll share some delish recipes too. Woo hoo!

1. Khīrā

Did you know cucumber is one of the most hydrating foods for our body? Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?! Their outer skin is actually an amazing source of silica. Silica helps our connective tissue stay strong and improves complexion. When you juice your khira, make sure to scrub the skin vigorously to make sure any pesticides have been removed. If you have any pieces of khira remaining, use them to make refreshing eye masks after a hot day out.

green juice
Green Juice

Cooling and Refreshing:

½ medium cucumber (with skin)

3 red apples

3 stalks celery

1 bunch of kale

Add mint leaves for garnish (like I did in the pic above)

2. Mosambi

Our all-time juicing favorite, mosambi, has tons of Vitamin C. It wasn’t dubbed one of the best foods for skin for no reason. It is known to be a natural aid for weight loss and for boosting immunity. Yup, you heard correctly. Why put the peel to waste? Did you know if you grind up the peel and apply it as spot treatment, it’ll actually help get rid of acne and even areas of increased pigmentation. Before you go on a mosambi binge, go ahead and finish reading the rest of our list!

Super Vitamin C

Super Vitamin C:

¾ cup pineapple

1 large mosambi

2 medium oranges, peeled

3. Gājar

Bet you didn’t know that carrot juice is often referred to as the golden juice of healing. It is wonderful for cleansing the liver (and a great home remedy for hangovers!). Not only that, but it can provide us with tons of vitamin B and folate too! I’m sure you’ve heard that carrots are good for the eyes. Well, that’s no myth! While taking care of your eyes, they also help alleviate any dryness of the hair and skin. Now that’s what we call a super food. I’ll share a secret just for you…if you mix grated carrots with some honey, you’ll get the world’s least expensive and most productive facial mask.

Carrot Dreamsicle:

*you may want to blend the coconut instead of directly juicing

1 fresh coconut, water and meat

1 large carrot

4. Anār

Not only do these add palate pleasing taste, but they are also packed with tons of antioxidants. Bet you didn’t know that anar have been found to lower blood pressure and purify the blood. It also is excellent for preventing hair loss, and helps those stubborn scars to heal faster. If you suffer from joint pain or cartilage problems, anar may be your go to ingredient for juicing!

beet juice
Anar Juice – The Instant Energizer

Instant Energy:

1 pear

1 spinach bunch

1/2 small beet

1 anar

Add cilantro for garnish

5. Nīmbū

For an energizing zing add nimbu to your drinks! They are especially wonderful in the morning, because they have uplifting effects. Couldn’t all of us use some of that? Neutralizing our body fluids, nimbu aids in digestion and fat break down! They are wonderful additions to bitter juices, because they help balance out the taste. If you don’t have time to juice in the morning, squeezing nimbu juice into your water bottle is a wonderful elixir for sipping throughout the day. You’ll even notice a new glow in your skin and will notice your fried-snack-craving-munchies are disappearing!


5 medium carrots

¼ medium cucumber

1 inch fresh gingerroot, peeled

3 nimbus, peeled

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your juices like never before. Carpe Diem, folks. Share your favorite ingredients for juicing below. Happy Juicing!

Pictures: Kanika Monga for MissMalini