Extended Cut: Priyanka Chopra on MissMalini's World

Rashmi Daryanani , 07 Oct 2014

One of our favourite power women, Priyanka Chopra, shot for a recent episode of MissMalini’s World, where she told us all about the work she put in to Mary Kom, that one thing she ate to get her body in shape for the film, and how the grief from her father’s passing helped her stay determined. The repeat telecast of episode 5, which features her interview, will air on TLC on Wednesday at 3pm, but you can also catch the full interview – including Twitter questions! – right here on the blog. Have a look:


“When a female movie makes money, it usually takes a month or two to reach the numbers Mary Kom has reached in a week. It’s a great step towards empowering actresses in films, and giving us the darja that we deserve as artists.”

“I think the first poster itself caused a big stir. Everybody was very skeptical before the first poster came out – will it be like a heroine wearing gloves? For me, making it very real was important, in terms of how I present myself.”

“I started shooting this film 4 days after my dad passed away. He was a very towering personality and somebody I really looked up to. So my world just crashed when he passed away. I think I diverted all my grief into this movie. So when I was punishing my body… in a strange, dark, twisted way, I was dealing with my grief.”

“The determination to prove people wrong and be ziddi is what made me go forward.”

“A few films have been offered to me, and a few of them are biopics. But it’s just that I’m packed with 3 films. I have a few interesting things, but nothing has been planned as of yet.”

“I only eat comfort foods. And comfort foods is carbs, man!”

“Mary told me to have Manipuri rice and said it would change my life. I started having that rice and it’s amazing.”

Check out behind the scenes photos of the MissMalini’s World photoshoot:


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