How Different Are Bombay Girls From Delhi Girls?

How Different Are Bombay Girls From Delhi Girls?

Shreemi Verma
Bombay Girl

You must have seen that Every Delhi Girl In The World video by the hilarious YouTube channel, BeingIndian! The good people out there then released a Bombay counterpart (because obviously) and it’s so true, it hurts! Really, as a Bombay girl, at first I was like ‘No way‘! Then I was like ‘Maybe…‘ and after watching it the third time (yes that’s the amount of hardwork I put in kids, learn something) I was like ‘dude, this is true but we’re still better than Delhi girls‘. What do you think?

I will humbly accept that yes, more or less most of us Bombay girls are similar ;) What do you think?

P.S.: There’s one for Gujju girls too!

LOL! We think they should totally continue this ‘every *insert Indian state/city* girl in the world series‘, what about you?