Extended Cut: Kalki Koechlin Talks Women's Empowerment on MissMalini's World!

Rashmi Daryanani , 09 Oct 2014
MissMalini and Kalki Koechlin
MissMalini and Kalki Koechlin

Episode 5 of MissMalini’s World was all about girl power, so not only did we have the fantastic Priyanka Chopra talking about kicking some serious ass in Mary Kom, we also had a chat with the lovely Kalki Koechlin. The actress, who did a monologue for women’s empowerment, also sat down for a quick conversation with MissMalini to discuss

Check out her monologue here:

Check out the interview here:


“Be aware of your rights as a woman, be aware of your rights as a human being! Education, I think, is the biggest empowerment.”

“I start two films at the end of this year. One is Waiting with Naseeruddin Shah; it’s a beautiful script about… waiting, at a hospital. And the other one, although the contract hasn’t been signed, everyone already knows about it. I read the script and I loved it. It’s Love Affair by Soni Razdan.”

“I do a lot of waiting [to pick a film]! It’s not that I don’t want to do a big fat masala Bollywood film, but I just need to have something to do in it. A lot of stuff that comes my way has nothing for me to actually I do.”

“It’s been 9 months that I waited for a good script!”

“The secret to stage is being present in the moment. Learning your lines comes easy; being present in the moment is hard. So even if someone coughs or laughs, you’re able to respond to that. That’s what makes magic in theatre.”

Check out behind the scenes photos of the MissMalini’s World photoshoot:


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