Let’s Celebrate World Postal Day With 5 Awesome ‘Chitthi’ Songs From Bollywood!

Let’s Celebrate World Postal Day With 5 Awesome ‘Chitthi’ Songs From Bollywood!

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Did you know it’s World Postal Day today? Did you? I knew you’d forget and that’s why I’m here to remind you about the greatness of this day. In the era of instant messages, 140-character tweets and quick Facebook updates, postal letters seem rather outdated. But trust me, if someone bothers to write you a handwritten letter in this day and age then you’re definitely special. Or at least Bollywood has trained my mind to feel like the sun shines from my bum if someone sends me a ‘chitthi‘! Think I’m not making sense? Check out this list of 5 awesome ‘chitthi‘ songs Bollywood has produced that made us (at least me) believe in the power of the written word!

1) Chitthi Aayi Hai – Naam

This, I think, was the original ‘chitthi’ song, don’t you agree? Like you say the word chitthi and BAM! This song starts playing in my head.

2) Sandese Aate Hain – Border

Aright, I have to make a confession here: despite all its melodrama, technical glitches and an impossibly long running time, Border is still one of my favourite Hindi movies. I still cry at the ending and I am 24 years old. Also, where is Akshaye Khanna? Seriously!

3) Kabootar Ja Ja – Maine Pyar Kiya

I can’t even explain how popular this song had become! The side effect of Kabootar Ja Ja Ja was that everyone started overestimating the intelligence of a white Kabootar, which is sad because they’re not really the brightest.

4) Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe – Kanyadaan

Shashi Kapoor is my favourite Kapoor. #TruthBeTold

5) Chitthi Na Koi Sandesh – Dushman

I know this song doesn’t really fit in the ‘list’ because it’s rather sad and it talks about not getting any letters or messages (okay I’m just translating the lines; totally get the feel of this song). Chitthi Na Koi Sandesh makes us value the lack of any communication actually. Plus, this Jagjit Singh ghazal was used for a very sad scene in the movie Dushman. Very apt, I must say.

So that’s my list of the greatest ‘chitthi’ songs I’ve heard in Hindi movies! Tell me yours too :)