12 Ways to Hack in to Happiness!

Dr. Sahar Bhaloo , 10 Oct 2014
Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

Hunting for happiness is something we all do. I mean, who doesn’t want to be happier, right?! The truth is, happiness is a process and not a destination. We can tap into the process based on the deliberate choices we make  every day. In honor of World Mental Health day, here are 12 ways to happiness hacks to a better life!

Source: tumblr.com
Source: tumblr.com

1.) Focus on the present and live in this moment, free of past regret and future anxiety. In this moment, you are free.

2.) Don’t over-think things. Re-running things in your mind don’t help you feel better. Instead, think strategically. What action will result in a positive consequence?

3.) Invest in relationships that energize you and appreciate the gift of these positive people in your life.

4.) Be authentic about the complexity of your feelings. Acknowledge both the pleasant and uncomfortable feelings and then, regardless of what they are, make helpful choices that are in line with your values.

5.) Learn to ask for help and support on small things to keep them from growing into bigger things.

6.) Practice thankfulness everyday. What grows in your life is what you feed with your thoughts. Thoughts become matter!

Source: tumblr.com
Source: tumblr.com

7.) Set personal boundaries and limits. Learn to say no sometimes. Being able to say no to certain things makes you much more able to immerse yourself in the things you say yes to. You will be able to enjoy those things more.

8.) Bask in small pleasures at least once a day. What you let yourself experience daily becomes the common thread in your life.

9.) Identify your inner and outer resources right now, so you can draw on them in times of need.

10.) Don’t judge yourself or others. It’s a waste of time and energy.

11.) Embrace your imperfections and celebrate your strengths. Get to know yourself better and give yourself a break. You’re a beautiful work in progress. :)

12.) Be kind to yourself, so others can follow that example.

These are a few helpful tips to get on the road to happiness. For more information, email [email protected]


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