Want to Know What Your Next Hairdo Should Be? Here's How You Can Make up Your Mind!

Anushka Mulchandani , 13 Oct 2014
BBlunt #NeedToDoSomethingToMyHair

Should I cut my hair? Should I colour it, spike it or just chop it all off? Ugh, you know those days when you just want to do something different but can’t make up your mind? I don’t know about you, but I feel like that every few months and since I can never make up my mind, I generally go out and get some bangs. Feeling like your hair needs a change? Don’t get an impulse cut, BBlunt just came up with a little something you might really enjoy.

BBlunt #NeedToDoSomethingToMyHair
BBlunt #NeedToDoSomethingToMyHair

You already know that they’ve launched their BSYSTEM range of products and we’ve shown you how to use almost all of them.

Drumroll please! They’re giving you a chance to WIN that makeover of your dreams; how you ask? It’s so simple, you’d really be missing out if you didn’t participate.

Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Take a photo of yourself.

Step 2: Tweet it to @BBluntIndia with #NeedToDoSomethingToMyHair (psst, don’t forget to tag a friend in the same city as you).

Step 3: BBlunt launched a film today featuring Monica Dogra who wants a change, but can’t make up her mind. The last step – Watch it and don’t forget to share!

You and a friend could WIN a makeover from BBlunt but that’s not all; you could also win a chance to star on our show MissMalini’s World which airs on TLC every Friday at 7:30pm (yes, we upped the stakes!).

Excited? What are you waiting for? Tweet away!

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You can also find BBlunt on Facebook and Twitter and their website.

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