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Oslo is the capital of Norway and the ONE city which should be explored by all you travel junkies out there! Why? Because it’s gorgeous, that’s why! The city boasts some of the world’s best museums, plenty of outdoor activities and a lively nightlife for you party lovers ! Here are 5 reasons that will totally assure you that Oslo is THE place to holiday in! To add to the experience, the most comfortable airline to travel long distances with (you know I’m talking about Emirates Airline) which has started its daily nonstop service to Oslo. Emirates Airline offers a generous baggage allowance of 30 kilogrammes for those travelling in Economy Class, 40 kilogrammes for Business Class and 50 kilogrammes for First Class! So check out this list of places you should definitely visit and activities you should partake in when travelling to this awesome city.

1) The Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House
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The breathtaking Oslo Opera House is the home of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and the national opera theatre in Norway. The building has been constructed in such a way that it looks like the structure is rising out of the waters! Like Jaws! I mean, you have to see this with your own eyes! Not only ballet and opera though, several art projects are also commissioned to adorn the walls of this marvelous place.

2) Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Holmenkollen Ski Jump
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The world’s most modern ski jump awaits you. With the start house that soars around 64 meters above the ground and the construction comprising of 100 tons of steel, the Holmenkollen ski jump has been made with a lot of passion, expertise and dedication. Not availing this opportunity to ski jump will break its heart.

3) Royal Palace

Oslo Royal Palace
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We’ll never be royals! But we can totally check out the Royal Palace with its 173 rooms, right? Had I been living here, I’d party in a different room every day!

4) Tryvann

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Tryvann is a small lake in the north of Oslo. If you visit during the winter, you can totally use the area for cross-country skiing; but during the nice and sunshiny summer, biking or walking in the forests is preferred. I’d go for the walks, the place looks out-of-the-world! It’s another matter that Ryan Gosling should accompany me when I check out the Tryvann, it’s also another matter that I hope Ryan and I get lost in the woods…

5) Fjord

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Formed by cut glaciers, Fjords can be found on the coasts of Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Chile. But Norway wins, because the Fjords found near this country have coral reefs growing there! So pretty! You can totally take a Fjord tour from Oslo and enjoy the sights you see.

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