10 Horrible Sequels To Amazing Movies!

10 Horrible Sequels To Amazing Movies!

Shreemi Verma
Sex And The City

Some movies are classics and some movies acquire a cult status over a period of time, but then, there are some movies which fall under the ‘why were they made?’ category! If I start listing that down, this article will never end, but you know what hurts the most? Unnecessary sequels to movies that were perfect in the first place. I mean even if Francis Ford Coppola got it perfectly right in The Godfather and The Godfather II, he did make The Godfather III proving that even geniuses can go wrong. That’s why here’s a list of 10 sequels to amazing movies that broke my heart. They broke my heart because the makers of the sequels couldn’t remain content with the greatness of the prequel. Check it out!

1) Hangover II and III

Hangover 2
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The Hangover was the one movie I had to see three times in a theatre (I have many friends, they like the same things) and I had absolutely NO problem with spending that much money on it, all three times! The movie was so funny that I couldn’t eat anything, fearing that I’d choke on the popcorn because of laughing too hard! The Hangover II was bearable but rather unnecessary but it was The Hangover III that made me sick.

2) Krissh and Krissh III

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However nauseatingly sweet Koi…Mil Gaya was, it was still cute and Hrithik Roshan did an amazing job. Krissh and Krissh III were just lame sequels after that.

3) Dabbang 2

Dabbang 2
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Dabbang 2 as a stand alone movie would not feature in this list because it’s not THAT bad. The reason I included the movie here was that it had a super-fun part one that was Dabangg and sadly part two was no match for the original Chulbul Pandey saga!

4) Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty
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Evan Baxter was hilarious when Bruce Nolan (notice how his name is a combination of Bruce Wayne and Christopher Nolan? Did the makers of Bruce Almighty predict this collaboration?) had his fun causing Evan to stutter and say inappropriate things on-air. But an entire movie on Evan, without Bruce was blah! Even Morgan Freeman reprising his role as God couldn’t help much.

5) SATC 2

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Erasing this movie from my memory forever. In my head, things ended at the conclusion of the first Sex And The City movie!

6) Race 2

Deepika Padukone
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Say what you want but Race was a genuinely entertaining thriller in Abbas-Mustan‘s trademark  style. Sadly the brothers-in-white lost the plot when it came to Race 2. Especially when Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone escaped a damaged mid-air flight in a car with balloons.


7) Son of the Mask

Son of Mask
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Why was this even made? What was the point?

8) Mean Girls 2

Mean Girls 2
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Never.mess.with.Mean Girls.Ever

9) Grand Masti

Grand Masti
Grand Masti

This review said it all.

10) Basic Instinct 2


Why Sharon Stone? You could have chosen anything as your comeback vehicle! Why did you have to ruin Basic Instinct for us with this joke of a sequel?

Feel free to add your list of horrible sequels below!