Don’t Miss Out! Thor Is Coming To Your TV Today!

Don’t Miss Out! Thor Is Coming To Your TV Today!

Shreemi Verma
Thor 2 The Dark World
Thor 2 The Dark World

Thor: A Dark World was hands down one of the most awaited movie for me in the year 2013! Why? Because come on! I was desperate to know what happens with my man Loki after his antics in The Avengers! Don’t lie, I know you love him too. The movie is all set to make it’s debut on the small screen tonight on Star Movies and here are 5 reasons for you to be glued to your television sets for the exclusive premier.

1. Chris Hemsworth as the mighty Thor!


Chris Hemsworth is so enticing that it would be tough to get your eyes off him as he yields his hammer and fights the dark forces. I mean seriously, LOOK AT THAT MAN!

2. Loki returns!


As said before, I am #TeamLoki so I’m obviously excited to see what he does next! For those who love a twist in the tale, Loki is sure to keep you engrossed with the uneasy alliance he forms with Thor and all the plotting and planning that he does to get ahead of him. He also gets slapped in this movie and while most of you will like that, I didn’t.

3. Thor’s Hammer

Thor's hammer
Thor’s hammer

Mjölnir made this flick a “smashing” success, quite literally! Legend has it that the hammer helped protect Asgard, home of the gods, which proves that the power of the hammer is exponential. Phoenix Mills, Mumbai has an illusion of sorts made specially between 16th to 18th October. Make sure you watch your step; else you might just fall into an abyss! It’ll be more fun if you fall though #justsaying!

4. The powerful original soundtrack!

The OST of Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World  received rave reviews and for good reason! It’s so powerful, I start feeling like a character from the kingdom of Asgard…I start feeling like a deity from the Norse mythology. You will feel it too!

5. Last, but not the least, Captain America!

Captain America and Thor

My adorable Steve Rogers who muggles know better as Captain America makes a sweet little appearance in the movie too! Catch him of you can :)

So tune into Star Movies on 19th October, 2014 at 1pm & 9pm as Thor 2 is indisputably going to shatter your TV screens!