Nirupa Roy
Nirupa Roy

Indian movies make us laugh, cry and think. Actually no, most of them make us laugh especially the ones I have listed down  for you! These are scenes from Indian movies that are marvellous to say the least. They are marvels, gems and tokens of our happy and healthy childhood that we should never let go.  They aren’t a part of the dark ages of cinema but actually the bright spots that make our otherwise mundane lives fun! Don’t believe me? Check these scenes out and laugh your heart out. Thank me later!

1) The Mighty Heart

Yea, the thing those two were fighting for was a heart. That heart fell on the ground, was casually picked up by another guy and thrown strategically towards the hospital. A heart. You heard me right? Heart.

2) Team Tiger

Midnight transformation into werewolves is so mainstream. #TeamTigerFTW!

3) Luv me 4 ma brainzz not ma bawdy

This video went viral a while back, but it never ceases to make me laugh. It should never stop you from laughing either. Ever.

4) They see me rollin, they hatin’

I’ll smoke what they’re smoking.

5) Eye to eye

I love this movie! Amar Akbar Anthony is one of greatest movie ever made. It’s a good movie, but it becomes great only because of this song. This song gave Nirupa Roy her eyesight. This song is single handedly responsible for all the income our train singers make. This song is everything. Everything.

Tell me which scene/song from an Indian movie has made you laugh or cry (because of laughing so hard).