We Discovered A Baby DJ School In America, How Was Your Day?

We Discovered A Baby DJ School In America, How Was Your Day?

Shreemi Verma
Source: YouTube.com

Trust America to have a school for babies who are being taught to DJ! Yep, the country where dreams come true has taken things a notch higher by having a Baby DJ School open at Brooklyn in New York City! No wonder everyone loves New York. How did I discover this? I didn’t, my best friend who studies there (lets call her Margaery Tyrell from Game Of Thrones for legal reasons, and also because she’d love to be called that) sent me this video where babies are made to learn this art with DJ consoles and stuff. Obviously she knew I’d love it and of course I do! Check it out.

Sounds fun, but I don’t really know how healthy it is for toddlers to work with that kind of sound equipment. Still, the video made me laugh so did the description of the video which goes like:

“Hey, how’s your baby doin’? What kind of music is it listening to? Kidz Bop? The Wiggles? Fuckin’ Raffi and shit? Well, that might be fine for some people’s kids—if they want them to crawl through life without taste or musical development. If you really loved your baby, you’d be dropping $200 to send it to Baby DJ School.”

Lol! On a random thought, I also want to be besties with the real Margaery Tyrell. I mean look at her, who wouldn’t want to be her best friend… the things one could learn…!

Margaery Tyrell
Source: Tumblr.com

Coming back to the Baby DJ school, what are your thoughts on it? Would you let that baby of yours go DJ?