5 Pop-Culture Inspired Gadgets That Are Totally #GeekChic!

5 Pop-Culture Inspired Gadgets That Are Totally #GeekChic!

Shreemi Verma
Source: Pinterest.com

Geeks all over the world, unite! Some of our favourite fandoms have inspired food, desserts, clothes and many, many more things! But did you know, some talented people out there have created pop-culture inspired gadgets? I’m sure you know, but still check out some of these amazing #GeekChick gadgets that have been inspired by Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad, Star Wars and Grumpy Cat! We know you’ll love them! #GeekAndProud

1) Harry Potter Power Strip

Harry Potter
Source: Pinterest.com

Inspired by Harry Potter‘s lightning shaped scar! This power strip is EVERYTHING!!!

2) Breaking Bad Phone Covers

Breaking Bad
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This cover is inspired by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman cooking meth together. Never have people looked more perfect cooking meth together! Remember Anna Gunn‘s Edie Parker Breaking Bad clutch?

3) Grumpy Cat Headphones

Grumpy Cat
Source: Pinterest.com

Of course you want these!

4) Star Wars Coffee Machine!

Star Wars
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Because we all love the dark side, like our deep, dark and black coffee. Delicious!

5) Game Of Thrones Pen Drive

Game Of Thrones
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Direwolf pen drives for us Starks who sadly don’t have their own personal direwolf puppies. I love these! And just so you know, my birthday is on May 19th. Please gift this to me someone… anyone?!

Source: Tumblr.com

But we already knew that, didn’t we? #GeekChic!