Look At The Things Jason Momoa Did To Get The Role Of Khal Drogo In Game Of Thrones!

Look At The Things Jason Momoa Did To Get The Role Of Khal Drogo In Game Of Thrones!

Shreemi Verma
Khal Drogo
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We all know Khal Drogo was not your everyday average Joe (R.I.P my sun and stars) and we definitely know that Jason Momoa is not your regular hot guy, he is DEFINITELY something else! Remember the time he starred in Baywatch? Of course you do! So anyway, Jason being the coolio that he is decided to approach this audition for his career-changing role as Khal Drogo for Game Of Thrones in a different way. So instead of saying the same line other aspirants for this role were performing, he did this…!

Still don’t get what he’s doing? Let me enlighten you, Jason broke out into Haka, an ancestral war cry or dance of the Māori people of New Zealand that was typically performed before battle. Obviously the makers of the show, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss saw potential in Jason (you need to be special to be Khaleesi‘s true love and the man who can give her annoying brother a golden crown!).

Golden Crown
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This video was released back in 2012 but has been garnering attention lately because come on, it’s AMAZING!  In other news, in case you’re wondering what Khaleesi’s up to, check this out!

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It’s good to see her in a colour apart from blue isn’t it? Also notice how Missandei is the one wearing a gown similar to what Khaleesi wore in the previous seasons… is this a sign? Hidden messages somewhere?

ALSO if you’re wondering what the king of my heart Jamie Lannister is up to (at least I am) check this spoiler-y video out!

Any guesses what the next season holds? There are really strong rumours that flashbacks are going to be used this season with a 99.99% chance of seeing a young Cersei Lannister! Isn’t that awesome! I really really hope they show a bit of Khal Drogo too! Don’t you?