Happy Birthday Parineeti Chopra! Here Are 10 Candid Pictures Of The Actress That Will Make You Love Her A Little More

Swagata Dam , 22 Oct 2014
Parineeti Chopra
Parineeti Chopra

A beaming face, a grin that extends from ear-to-ear, twinkling eyes and animated expressions – these are a few things that set Parineeti Chopra apart from her contemporaries. She isn’t a quintessential Bollywood beauty but there’s something about her which makes her super duper adorable. On the occasion of her birthday (we already told you about Parineet’s birthday plans this year), click through 10 of our most favourite candid photographs of the actress.

PS: You’re bound to love her a little more after seeing these!

Parineeti Chopra doing a jig
The coy desi look
It's no cakewalk to look pretty next to Madhuri Dixit!
We wonder who she's calling out to, oh so excitedly!
While waiting for her turn to take a leak...
'The Salman Khan effect' - Look at that smile!
The winner's move
Aww! Don't they look so cute?
Dance, dance baby!
Why so serious?

Here’s wishing Pari a very happy birthday!

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