10 Embarrassing Movies Celebrities Did Before Making It Big In Bollywood!

10 Embarrassing Movies Celebrities Did Before Making It Big In Bollywood!

Shreemi Verma
Karisma Kapoor
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We all have our deep dark secrets we’d never want anyone to know, EVER! Thankfully (if one is smart and sneaky enough) most of us can hide certain blasts-from-the-past if we’re discreet enough. But what about our celebrities? Our wonderful Bollywood icons who seem perfect to us! They have some dark secrets too, which, like most of us, they guard with their lives. Unfortunately for them, their dark on-screen past always catches up! More than anything else, WE love to catch up with the embarrassing stuff they’ve done on-screen, just to make us feel a little about ourselves. Don’t you? So let’s refresh our memories and check out the ‘sidey‘ movies our stars have done before they made it big in B-town! Read on.

1) Katrina Kaif – Boom

Katrina Kaif
Source: YouTube.com

I see you babyyyy...Loved the soundtrack of Boom, not the movie so much. Never thought Katrina Kaif would go on to become the superstar she is now, but must say she’s always been one of the prettiest faces ever! Also, I have a feeling she’d like to delete this movie from her memory, forever.

2) Aamir Khan – Tum Mere Ho

Aamir Khan
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Yes, I know about this movie solely due to the fact that it was reviewed by Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath (guys please come up with a new review already!). Yes, I also know that I cannot unsee Aamir Khan charming snakes and girls together.

The snake looks like this:

Source: YouTube.com

3) Shah Rukh Khan – Guddu

Shah Rukh Khan
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Have heard that Gauri Khan walked out of this movie… or was it Shakti? Don’t remember, but this movie was the worst. THE WORST! And I am a Shah Rukh Khan fan, so there.

4) Rani Mukerji – Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat

Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat
Source: bollyuk.com

Want a gist of the plot of Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat? Read this article. #SelfPluggingForever

5) Saif Ali Khan – Aashik Aawara

Saif Ali Khan
Source: YouTube.com

To be honest, all Saif Ali Khan movies were kinda embarrassing before Dil Chahta Hai happened.

6) Salman Khan – Biwi Ho Toh Aisi

Salman Khan
Source: YouTube.com

Sallu bhai was always cool, even before he made Bhagyashree so drunk in his love that she sang/made conversation with a pigeon.

7) Rekha – Gora Aur Kaala

Source: YouTube.com

Rekha wasn’t always the gorgeous diva she is now…

8) Karisma Kapoor – Prem Qaidi

Karisma Kapoor
Source: Rediff.com

… nor was Karisma Kapoor (formerly known as Karishma Kapoor, the lady whose eyebrows spoke louder than words).

9) Sanjay Dutt – Johny I Love You

Sanjay Dutt
Source: desi-radio.com

I think I’d rather spend a night in jail than watch Johny I Love You.

10) Urmila Matondkar – Shreemaan Aashique

Urmila Matondkar
Source: awal.com

I’m sure Urmila Matondkar chants ‘Rangeela is my first movie as an adult‘ every night to the universe so that it comes true (she starred as an adorable kid in the wonderful Masoom, remember?). Someday this might come true… but till then we always have Shreemaan Aashique to annoy her with!

Feel free to add more embarrassing movies of the superstars we know and love!