If Bollywood Made Archie Comics, Who’d We Cast?

If Bollywood Made Archie Comics, Who’d We Cast?

Shreemi Verma
Archie Comics
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Did you guys hear about the awesome news? An adaptation of the most loved comic series of all time, Archie Comics is in the works to be a full fledged TV show! This version will be darker and a more realistic take on the kids of Riverdale, and as a 90’s kid who has literally grown up on a staple diet of Archie Comics and Maggi noodles, I really couldn’t be more excited! Not only me, the entire Team MissMalini loved this idea and being the desi kids we are, we obviously casted the main characters from our big ol’ Bollywood! Check it out and tell me if you agree with our choices.

Archie Andrews – Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan Archie Andrews
Archie Andrews Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan is all well built and stuff, but make the guy lanky and see the similarities between him and our favourite boy Archie Andrews! I really think Varun can pull off the ‘cute and clumsy guy who can’t help it if the prettiest girls from Riverdale are so mad about him‘ thing rather well.

Betty Cooper – Parineeti Chopra

Betty Cooper Parineeti Chopra

The pretty girl-next-door who is a writer, an excellent student, a competent sportsperson and above all the nicest person in Riverdale can only be played by Parineeti Chopra! Don’t fret Betty Cooper, we have found your desi counterpart.

Veronica Lodge – Sonam Kapoor

Veronica Lodge Sonam Kapoor
Veronica Lodge Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is Veronica Lodge and Veronica Lodge is Sonam Kapoor, there are no two ways about it!

Reggie Mantle – Ranveer Singh

Reggie Mantle Ranveer Singh
Reggie Mantle Ranveer Singh

I mean Ranveer Singh was born to play the sassy, crazy and undeniably handsome Reggie Mantle! I personally think Betty looks better with him than Archie.

Jughead Jones – Arjun Kapoor

Jughead Jones Arjun Kapoor

Hello king of my heart Jughead Jones! I have made Arjun Kapoor your Bollywood counterpart because he can totally pull off your dry, sarcastic sense of humour, your legendary love for food, your acute laziness and the awesome friendship you share with Archie Andrews played by the adorable Varun Dhawan. Hope you like my choice, hope you like me!

Cheryl Blossom – Nargis Fakhri

Cheryl Blossom Nargis Fakhri

The only girl who can make Betty and Veronica feel like crap is the superhot Cheryl Blossom, the only woman who can play this role with elan is Nargis Fakhri.

Dilton Doiley – Vivan Shah

Dilton Doiley Vivan Shah

They’re both so cute and nerdy!

Moose Mason – John Abraham

Moose Mason John Abraham
Moose Mason John Abraham

I know John Abraham seems a little old to fit into this age-group, but assuming how bad Moose Mason is when it comes to education, I have a feeling he’d fail many classes. John can be the tough guy who loses his temper about everything but is a little dumb, plus the cat and mouse game between him and Ranveer’s Reggie will be a blast to watch!

Midge Klump – Kalki Koechlin

Midge Klump Kalki Koechlin

Midge Klump is the hottie with the over-protective boyfriend (Moose) who still loves him despite his madness and I really think Kalki Koechlin can play the patient, smart and pretty Midge well. I can also imagine Ranveer Singh trying to score a date with her behind John’s back whenever he can. I love this version. I love myself.

Mr. Weatherbee – Anupam Kher

Weatherbee Anupam Kher
Weatherbee Anupam Kher

Like you didn’t see that that coming!

What do you think? Who’d be the perfect actors for desi Riverdale?