Christmas Comes Early As Christopher Nolan Is All Set To Visit India!

Shreemi Verma , 28 Oct 2014
Christopher Nolan
Source: Twitter @iitb_moodi

Not saying that Christopher Nolan will come dressed as Santa Claus to IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo, but him visiting this awesome college festival is like a Christmas wish coming true for movie lovers! The British director, known for single-handedly reviving the Batman series (after the disaster that was Batman and Robin, with George Clooney‘s nipples no less), is celebrated worldwide for his jaw-dropping and mind boggling movies. He’s done films like Inception (what happened in the end, man?), Memento, The Prestige and many, many more. His latest offering, Interstellar, is all set to blaze our silver screens soon and I’m sure Nolan discussing cinema with us directly will make every film-geek in India a happy, shiny person!

Twitter obviously has gone crazy with the news, so for your entertainment here’s a list of the funniest tweets we found on Christopher Nolan’s visit to India!

1) This guy who made a strong point

Nolan tweet 1
Source: Twitter @BakwasRadio

I have a feeling Christopher Nolan might not be too comfortable with Guthi wrapping her (his, actually) legs around him. But you know, no movie promotion is complete without appearing on Kapil Sharma‘s show!

2)  This guy who said something so true, it hurt.

Source: Twitter @sapanv

There’s some hope, you guys!

3) This guy who knows Nolan will understand

Source: Twitter @Ojasism

We NEED torrents. NEED!

4) This guy who won’t give up.

Source: Twitter @mojorojo

Hey Rohan Joshi, let us know if you get in!

5) This guy who knows our struggle

Source: Twitter @stupidusmaximus

If Ashish Shakya can’t explain what we go through everyday, no one can!

6)  This guy simplified the plot of Memento so easily

Source: Twitter @hankypanty

Hit them where it hurts Sorabh!

7) And this guy who should stay at least 50 feet away from Aamir Khan

Source: Twitter @vish_was_is

I think that’s the wisest thing to do!

But just imagine Aamir Khan meeting Nolan at Illuminati 2014! Imagine the memes, gifs, listicles, detailed articles and PhDs that will be written on this meeting! The Internet will break.

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