11 Random Things To Do When Stuck At Juhu Circle (Or Traffic In General)!

11 Random Things To Do When Stuck At Juhu Circle (Or Traffic In General)!

Shreemi Verma
Juhu Circle
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I really couldn’t figure out why people can be so happy and sunshiny in the morning. It troubled me, bothered me and didn’t let me sleep for days in a row (just kidding, I can sleep anytime), so I obviously did a survey** on this and found out a very important thing. Wondering what that important thing is? I’m sure you are! Well, the survey clearly showed that people who don’t have to cross Juhu circle every morning are 85% happier than the people who do, and guess what, I’m the ONLY one in my office who has to cross that hopeless place. So here’s a list of 10 things one can do while waiting for the damn signal to turn green. Do it, make yourself useful!

This can apply to any traffic junction in any part of the world; I have mentioned Juhu circle because that’s my Kryptonite.

**The survey was made up, but you already know that!

1) Do your makeup

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Save time, leave your home looking like an ill person, reach work (or wherever you have to go) looking gorgeous!

2) Memorise the lyrics of your favourite song

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I always wanted to memorise the words of ‘Let It Go‘ and rock that song during Karaoke nights. I now have the chance to do that! Yay.

3) Comb your hair

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Those tresses can be tamed only at Juhu circle – anywhere else, and they’ll be messy again! It’s a fact.

Actually it’s not a fact, but still.

4) Check if there are any cute guys/girls in cars/rickshaws next to yours

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Why hello! I now want to remain stuck in this traffic forever!

5) Have your breakfast

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Sandwich? Instant noodles? Fruits? Three course meal? It can all be consumed while waiting… and waiting…

6) Contemplate your life and future

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Because, why not?

7) Plan your wedding

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Even if you’re already married, one never knows what happens in the future. Better to stay prepared, I say!

8) Read a book

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Read it and finish it. It can be done.

9) Discover new zits, marks and unwanted hair on your face

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It’s always better to know what’s wrong with your face before someone else points it out! Like that ad remember?

“Zyada khayegi moti ho jayegi, I don’t care
Lagta nahi tum iss baar exam mein top karogi, I don’t care
Hai yeh teri skin ko kya hua? Ab kaho I DON’T CARE!!!!”

Yea, that shit still hurts.

10) Write an analysis of the book you read on the Internet, wait for comments and reply to each and every one of them.

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Even to comments like ‘OMG AuTHor is DumBoZz, kYa haI Yeh c*&%!@a, getz a lyf yaar

11) Cry.

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Cry if driving because the fuel prices are so high, cry if in a rickshaw because the meter will reach an amount you never thought you’d have to pay, cry if sitting in a bus because, well, it’s a bus.