Sid Mallya Wins Our Hearts With His Brand New Web-Series ‘Sid Sessions’!

Sid Mallya Wins Our Hearts With His Brand New Web-Series ‘Sid Sessions’!

Shreemi Verma
Sid Sessions

The one thing every girl really wants in her guy is a good sense of humour and Sid Mallya definitely has one! The guy has taken a bold step and started his web-series aptly titled ‘Sid Sessions‘ where he answers ridiculous and mean things sent to him on social media in a very witty way! Seriously, this is a side of Sid Mallya I’ve never seen before. Check it out!

Can’t wait for more, can you? I loved the Wake Up Sid being 5 years too late part! This guy should get into stand-up comedy.
We also did an e-mail interview with Sid before the launch of his hilarious show! Read on.

Team MM: What prompted you to be a part of this show #SidSessions?

Sid: I feel that there are too many self promoters in the world who take themselves far to seriously. I created this show to remind people that it is ok to make fun of ones self once in a while!!

Team MM: It happens to be your first production under the banner of 7STORM MEDIA. So it must be a special project…

Sid: It is a special project. I initially made it as a one off video for my friends because I was bored one day. They always ask me how I deal with the mean messages that I get on social media so I thought id make a video to show them! Because of the immense feedback that I received, I decided to make it into a series

Team MM: It’s quite a gutsy move to make fun of yourself. Weren’t you reluctant to do so?

Sid: Not at all. As I said it is important to make fun of one’s self. We must first learn to laugh at ourselves before we learn to laugh at others!

Team MM: Talking about mocking yourself, how do you deal with the jokes and rumours about your sexuality?

Sid: Wait till episode 3 to see!!

Team MM: Tell us about your life in LA.

Sid: It’s actually a great life. I get to do what I love in an environment that encourages creativity. I never have to worry about negativity!

Team MM: Describe your dream woman?

Sid: She’s gotta have a great sense of humour and a great smile… Those are my only prerequisites!

Team MM: How special is Ayesha Grover in your life?

Sid: Very…..

Team MM: Why aren’t you seen during your team’s IPL matches anymore?

Sid: Let’s just say that after a certain UK beverage company bought into USL, my role at RCB was significantly diminished due to my controversial nature! Plus I’m too busy here in LA.

Team MM: Tell us about your upcoming ventures?

Sid: Besides 7STORM I also have the acting side of things that, as you know, I’m pursuing. I’m just taking every day as it comes, always thinking of new ideas for content for 7STORM…

Sid Mallya
Sid Mallya