7 Hottest Men In The Indian Stand Up Scene

Devanshi Kapadia
One Of Each

Since I’m the resident “beauty” blogger at Team MissMalini, I thought it my duty to assess the beauty of these beautiful men in the beautiful field of stand-up comedy. Too much beauty, no? Yeah no, this has nothing to do with our beauty section, but it’s a list that really had to be made because have you seen them?! They’re gorgeous and hilarious. So really, just perfect boyfriend material, or so we believe.

Disclaimer: The 7 names on this list (in no particular order) have been compiled after much debate at the MissMalini HQ. Also, all the comedians that haven’t been included: you guys are hot too … no really; we’ll take you too. Funny makes up for everything. Of course, ‘Can we have you?’ isn’t the point of this post. At all…

1) Rohan Joshi

Source: Facebook

He’s got that adorable, boy-ish charm. Look at his face. You see? That’s what I’m talking about. Aaand he’s a bakchod. Women love men who aren’t afraid to “come out” as feminists.

2) Kanan Gill

Source: Facebook

Pretentious Movie Reviews have me ROFL-ing every time I watch one. And then I re-watch some because it’s the best mood picker upper. We love men who can lift our moods. And we love men with gorgeous bone structure who have adorable expressions when they’re reviewing iconic, so-good-its-bad movies.

P.S – Biswa, we love you too. *Wink Wink. * We also love your little gems of wisdom on Twitter.

3) Vir Das

Source: Twitter

We know he’s become an ishtarrr thanks to Weirdass Comedy Consultancy (even his website oozes of hilarious-ness), but he did start his career in stand up and we’ve loved him from the start. He’s got that quirky, seductive appeal girls just can’t get enough of. #startedfromthebottomnowwehere

4) Sapan Verma

Source: Twitter

First off, let me just say, we were obsessed with Wrecking God for quite some time. That shit was HI-EFFING-LARIOUS and so on point. East India Comedy: you guys are always on point. Needless to say, we love all of them. But there’s something about that Sapan guy. Woh sapno mein aata hai. See what I did there? No? Bad one? Since I’m obviously not the comedian here, I’m just trying to say, you’re hot.

5) Khamba

Source: Facebook

No, we’re not favoring AIB. We can’t help the fact that they’ve just got a lot of sexy men. That Section 377 video with Imran Khan was a real treat for the eyes. Oh wait, Khamba wasn’t in that video, ehh. GKhamba sounds so rapper-like and this office knows how much I love everything hip-hop related. Just like that angry, yet seductive, I’m-a-gangsta expression he always has on his face. #broodinglooks

6) Varun Thakur

Source: Twitter

Okay, Varun Thakur seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t realize how cute he is, which makes him that much cuter. He’s probably the cutest ch*t*ya we’ve ever seen, which brings us to: Are You A Ch*t*ya? Everything in that video absolutely had to be said. #Amen

7) Nitin Mirani

Source: Facebook

Hot, witty, and well groomed? He’s like the love child of Ranveer Singh and Shah Rukh Khan. I really didn’t know how to describe it better. He’s totally got the looks of a Bollywood star.

I’ve got to say, this has been one of the fun-est posts ever. You’re welcome for all the eye candy. Got a favorite? We’re listening.

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