We Bring You The Best #ScaryStoriesIn5Words Tweets, Because Halloween!

We Bring You The Best #ScaryStoriesIn5Words Tweets, Because Halloween!

Shreemi Verma

Happy Halloween, you guys! On this wonderful day (wonderful because who doesn’t like some horror in their lives?) Twitter decided to trend this awesome hashtag: #ScaryStoryIn5Words. The results were hilarious. For most of us, the scariest word is Monday, and my joke is as old as Dumbledore, but thankfully, the Indian Twitteratti is far more creative! Check it out yourself.

1) When Tanmay Bhat made us realise the impact of a karela.

Source: Twitter @thetanmany

Brb, throwing up.

2) When Sapan Verma hit the nail on the spot.

Source: Twitter @sapanv

But we know that #Replace___NameWithPizza will never get old.

3) When Sanjay Hegde fueled the conspiracy behind the Supreme Court list.

Source: Twitter @sanjayuvacha

THAT list with the names of the black money account holders… Swiss banks… yeah, THAT one!

4) When Sahil Shah voiced everyone’s biggest horror story.

Source: Twitter @SahilBulla

Thanks but no thanks.

5) When Rega Jha said the absolute truth and it made us laugh and cry.

Source: Twitter @RegaJha

Mixed emotions.

6) When Raheel Khursheed was my bro.

Source: Twitter @RaheelK

I feel ya bro. #NoLifeWithoutWiFi

7) When Joy’s tweet made me realise it’s the same story everywhere.

Source: Twitter @Joydas

Maa ka phone aaya!

8) When Gabbar Singh shared the sad story of being friendzoned.

Source: Twitter @GabbarSingh

Oh the feels!

9) When Ashish Shakya FREAKED us all out.

Source: Twitter @stupidusmaximus


10) When Bollywood Gandu tweeted two horror stories together. Successively!

Source: Twitter @bollywoodgandu

2 much to handle man (saw what I did there? Please say yes! Please!)

So these were the funniest (or scariest) tweets in my opinion! Add yours in the comments below :)