Minissha Lamba
Minissha Lamba

After surviving for six weeks, Minissha Lamba finally bid adieu to the Bigg Boss house. She was practical, composed and rational throughout and rarely lost her cool in an uncomfortable situation.  She was touted as one of the strongest contenders of the house so her eviction seems rather untimely. We caught up with the babe about her journey, impressions and future plans…

Team MissMalini (Team MM): How’s the air outside the Bigg Boss house?

Minissha Lamba (ML): It’s fabulous! But I must admit my house is seeming much smaller in comparison (laughs). But it’s good to be back! I’m a very switch on-switch off person. It was a significant phase in my life, but now I’ve switched off and I’m back!

Team MM: You were pegged as a strong contender from the word go. What do you think caused your elimination?

ML: Ummm… I think I was up against very tough competitors in the house. Also, most of them came with a very strong mass appeal so I guess because of that. You can’t control these things.

Team MM: What was the issue with Arya Babar? He said you guys used to date…

ML: There was absolutely no truth in that and I was shocked by his statement. We did a film together and that’s it. But he apologized and I have resolved the issue with him so I guess it’s okay now. But yeah, it was most shocking when it happened!

Minissha Lamba, Arya Babbar
Minissha Lamba, Arya Babbar

Team MM: Your favourite moment from your journey so far?

ML: I think when we shifted to the house from that aircraft!

Team MM: Now that you’re out of the house, who do you think has the strongest chance of winning?

ML: I think Pritam or Gautam (Gulati). Gautam obviously because of the entertainment quotient. Pritam I think is most deserving because as loved as he is outside the house, he is just as popular with the contestants in the house. I feel that is quite a big thing to achieve. I can’t count for all the potential Wild Card entries that’d probably be coming in eventually, but for now, I think it should be clear sweep between the both of them.

Team MM: As soon as the season started, everyone became one another’s bhai, behen, papa etc… Your comment on that?

ML: My bhai, behen, papa etc are here with me now. All relationships and terms are used so loosely in the Bigg Boss house that it shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Minissha Lamba
Minissha Lamba

Team MM: Okay. So are you not taking even one friend from the house?

ML: Of course I am! I think Diandra (Soares) and Upen (Patel) are people that I’m really happy I met. And I have no one but Bigg Boss to thank for that.

Team MM: And if you threw a Bigg Boss 8 party, who would just not make it to your list?

ML: I don’t have a least favourite or anything. And honestly, if I think someone shouldn’t make it to my list then they just won’t make it. I don’t think about these things. It’s giving them too much importance.

Team MM: What plans now?

ML: I’ve not really had a breather yet but for now, I’d be watching Bigg Boss tonight with my friends. So yay! That’d be too much fun!