#FactOrFiction: Can This Game Give Insight Into Your Personality?

#FactOrFiction: Can This Game Give Insight Into Your Personality?

Kanika Monga
The Cube: Keep the Secret
The Cube: Keep the Secret

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been really into those random self-knowledge quizzes. Whether they are those mini quizzes in my cosmo magazine, or even the more sophisticated Myer-Briggs personality quizzes, I find them all extremely intriguing. In my integrative medicine class, my professor “CUBED” me. He learned about it from “The Cube: Keep the Secret,” a book by Annie Gottlieb. It is believed that The Cube personality test was a Sufi way of gaining insight into another’s personality. I can’t confirm that, but thought I’d share this fun little kokology game.

Go in order of the steps indicated and don’t skip ahead. You can either draw the image that comes to mind, or just visualize it in your head.

Disclaimer: This may get a little eerie so do it at your own risk! ;)

Let’s get started:

1) The Desert

Imagine there is a desert. This can be a familiar image, or something you’ve completely made up. The key is to remember what comes to mind when you first imagine a desert. Visualize the landscape.
As you continue scrolling down, keep adding the following things to the image of your desert.

2) Cube

Now there is a cube.
What is the size of your cube?
What material is it made out of? What’s the texture?
Is it sitting? What is its position?
Where is it in your desert?
Is it still? Is it moving?
How big is it?
What is it doing?
Can you see inside it?
What mood does it elicit?

3) Ladder

Now there is a ladder.
How big is the ladder?
Where is the ladder relative to your cube?
How does it look?
What is it made out of?
How tall is it?

4) Horse

Now there is a horse.
What does the horse look like?
What is the horse doing?
Where is the horse relative to your ladder and cube?
How does the horse make you feel?
Does it have a saddle?

5) Storm

Now there is a storm.
Where is the storm?
How are the cube, ladder, and horse reacting to the storm?
What kind of storm is it?
Is the storm bad?

6) Flowers

What kind of flowers?
How many flowers?
What color are they?
Where are they relative to your cube, ladder, and horse?

WOW, now you have officially been cubed. How exciting.

I am providing brief one-liners that are open to interpretation. I would love to hear your take on the interpretations. Please share them in the comments. If the creative bug in you is a sleep or was scared away during your Halloween outings, you can find more detailed and in depth descriptions on this website .

The Cube: Keep the Secret
The Cube: Keep the Secret

1) The Desert

This represents your view of the world.

2) The Cube

This represents you.

3) The Ladder

This represents the important people in your life.

4) The Horse

This represents your lover.

5) The Storm

This represents any difficulty in your life.

6) The Flowers

These represent your children, the desire to have children, or your goals.

My desert had lots of dunes and was a very calm and pleasant setting. My cube sat on the ground, was medium sized, and resembled a rubik’s cube (geez, I’m such a nerd). My horse was a brown colored one, with dark hair and big eyes. He was extremely adorable and was standing next to my cube, almost protecting it. The funny thing is, my horse kept eating carrots *haha* I wonder where he got them from in the desert. My ladder was off in the distance. It was made out of wood and was pretty sturdy. It was leaning against a dune. It gave me the feeling that if I wanted to escape the desert I could just climb up my ladder and be safe and sound. The storm was a windstorm. It was coming my way but the horse and cube did not seem flustered by it. With the storm came my dandelions, they were flying everywhere. I wonder if this means that I want to have tons and tons of children. Maybe you can help me interpret mine. Be nice :)

Share with me what your image looks like. I’m excited to hear all about it. Of course, I by no means am an expert at this but thought the idea of interpreting our world through this seemingly unrelated imagery was pretty cool. Do you think this is wack or does it have some meaning? Tell us #FactOrFiction!