10 Signs You're Falling In Love According To Bollywood

Devanshi Kapadia , 05 Nov 2014

Sometimes I find myself listing 6 Tear-Jerking Bollywood Movies To Ease You Through A Breakup and on other days I’m inspired to do, well… this! Our emotions really do vary at the MissMalini HQ, but our love for Bollywood surpasses it all. If you’ve been feeling that ‘lovey dovey’ vibe off late, then you’ve come to the right place. And if you’re not, then this is still the right place because, hey, stay positive! So, without further ado, let’s list all those heart-melting emotions we feel when ‘love comes around and knocks you down’ (just quoted a favorite song there, in case you missed it) with Bollywood scenes because ain’t no love like Ishq Wala Love. Also, try not judging me. #kaythanksbye

1) Rain

When the rain stops feeling like this…

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

… and starts feeling like this:

Aashiqui 2
Aashiqui 2

Because tip tip barsa paani.

2) Background Music

When he/she walks by and suddenly there are violinists in the background.

3) Falling Stars

You never wished upon a shooting star before, but what if… just what if.. it actually works?

4) Laal Mere Dil Ka Haal Hai

The color red suddenly has so much more significance.

5) Everywhere You Look …

All you can see is his or her face. Warning: Double check before you go up to a stranger and try to dance with them, kiss them, talk to them, etc… we don’t want to come off as a complete freak, now, do we?

6) This

Every embrace is a DDLJ one.

7) And This

Your dreams transport you to gorgeous locations where the two of you look abnormally sexy and dance as the sun sets.

8) Love Hua

Anu Malik always gets it.

9) You Feel Like You’ve Finally Found The One.

And now you’re a poet? Strange things happen. Strange things.

10) You Want To Plan Your Whole Life Together.

Just don’t get to making babies yet and remember to always use protection.

Alright, alright! Before I spark a puke-fest comment war, I will admit: movies lie. Bollywood definitely lies. So, if you’re down and out, true love isn’t just a one-time kind of thing. And if you’re in love… I choose to end on a disgustingly cheesy note: *insert Raj-wala dialogue.* Which one’s your favorite Raj dialogue?

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