#Contest: Here’s Your Chance To Win A Trip Into The Trees!

#Contest: Here’s Your Chance To Win A Trip Into The Trees!

Anushka Mulchandani

On tonight’s episode of MissMalini’s World, MissMalini and Nowshad headed to a resort where they spent Nowshad’s birthday – The Tamara. Now when they first mentioned they would be living amongst the trees, in a tree house, we immediately pictured a scene out of Tarzan! And when we saw pictures of their trip once they returned, it was exactly like that! Wooden cabins nestled high up in the trees, the only sound you hear are the birds chirping and complete silence. It’s the getaway everyone needs, especially if you live in traffic and pollution heavy cities of the country.

WIN a trip to Tamara Resort, Coorg
WIN a trip to The Tamara Resort

Want to know what makes it even better? When you win a free stay of course! The Tamara, Coorg is giving two lucky winners a chance to WIN a two night stay at their resort and all you need to do is this:

Step 1: Share this post on your Facebook/Twitter
Step 2: Tell us what Coorg is famous for in the comments below (Watch the show tonight at 7.30pm on TLC for the answer)
Step 3: Don’t forget to mention your name, e-mail address and the city you are from.

And that’s it! Two winners will win a couples stay at Tamara, Coorg for two nights! What are you waiting for? Comment below!

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Contest closes November 12, 2014