10 Wedding Goodies That Will Make Your Inner Geek Dance!

10 Wedding Goodies That Will Make Your Inner Geek Dance!

Shreemi Verma
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Geeks all over the world! Unite! The world finally knows how powerful we all are (Comic Con is the biggest example of that) and so does the wedding industry! Seriously, if you just look at the ideas you can use while you plan your wedding, your inner geek will jump for joy! So drop those plans of having a boring wedding and jazz the setting up by checking this list out…

1) This Batman Cake Topper Acrylic

Source: Pinterest.com

Because this cake topper is something your wedding deserves, it might not be particularly needed, but your wedding definitely deserves it. And yes, I have paraphrased a quote from The Dark Knight, but I’m a nice person so don’t hate.

2) This #Winning Couple

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Mario and Princess Peach, FTW!

3) This Avengers inspired wedding cake

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Wow, imagine putting the Batman cake toppers on this Avengers cake! Will this result in peace between DC and Marvel? Will it? Can a wedding succeed in this seemingly impossible task?

4) This “Doctor Who” Inspired Wedding Signboard

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Calling all lovers of the Doctor! If you don’t have this TARDIS inspired signboard, then what kind of a fan are you? How do you even sleep at night?

Matt Smith
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5) This Couple Playing Quidditch While Announcing Their Engagement

Harry Potter
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I don’t know how one can stay up in the air for so long, but come on you Potter fans! This HAS to be tried!

6) This One Where The Groom And His Groomsmen Showed Who The Heroes Are!

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I love that the guy in the middle (presumably the groom) has Batman inside him. That might sound wrong but we’re all wrong in one way or another.

7) This Couple Who Loves Their Video Games Too Much!

Geeky Wedding
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Nothing shows true love more than a couple who loves their video games!

8) These Star Wars Inspired Wedding Rings

Star Wars
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Because romance isn’t romance without Hans Solo and Princess Leia‘s iconic lines!

9) This Lord Of The Ring Inspired Wedding Cake

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One does not simply cut this cake without wearing the entire Lord Of The Ring armour.

10) This Game Of Thrones Inspired Wedding (That We’re Scared For.)

Jon Snow
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Weddings and Game Of Thrones don’t really go well together, but this is adorable!

So my co-geeks of planet earth, you know what to do when the wedding date is coming :)