What Happens When A Girl Decides To Walk Alone For 10 Hours On The Streets Of Mumbai?

Shreemi Verma , 11 Nov 2014
Source: YouTube.com

So most of you guys must have seen the video of a woman walking around the streets of New York and how she was harassed at almost every instance. If you haven’t, then you must. The two minute video includes all kinds of verbal harassment a girl can go through while walking alone, and it’s quite sad.

The same social experiment was then tried on the streets of Mumbai. When I heard the news I was expecting something far worse than what happened to the girl in New York, but I was surprised when I checked out the video. Have a look:

The makers of this video support Hollaback- An NGO which acts against street harassment worldwide. You can learn more about the cause here.

It’s quite debatable how accurately this video describes the situation, and most women who walk around this city have at least a few cases of street harassment to report. Having said that, though, let’s all work towards eliminating this nuisance for good – let’s just make this such a non-issue that no one finds it surprising that a girl was not harassed when she decided to walk around the streets alone. :)

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