Bigg Boss 8: When Renee Dhyani Loses Her Sh*t & Dimpy Ganguly Comes Out Sane!

Priyam Saha , 12 Nov 2014
Renee Dhyani, Dimpy Ganguly
Renee Dhyani, Dimpy Ganguly

Bigg Boss 8‘s plan to escalate TRPs by the way of new wild card entries is definitely working. Ali Quli Mirza may have had his glory days when he came in, but that soon faded away. The current spotlight is on the ‘double trouble‘ women: Renee Dhyani and Dimpy Ganguly and they’re sure not disappointing.

So last night, the luxury budget task had the inmates playing butlers to the three newest wild card entrants, Renee, Dimpy and Nigaar Khan. Only two butlers were allowed to run errands at a time and Renee kept flouting that particular rule. When Dimpy objected, Renee lost her shit!

Dimpy Mahajan, Renee Dhyani
Dimpy Ganguly, Renee Dhyani

The woman pushed chairs around and started screaming that she won’t take Dimpy’s interfering attitude anymore. Now, Renee was infamous during her stint on Roadies 8 for her wildly abusive language. However, the Bigg Boss house obviously doesn’t allow for any of that but if last night’s outburst was any indication, it is only a matter of time that Renee’s Roadies avatar is unleashed on the housemates.

Further, Dimpy told Renee not to mess with her otherwise she’d show her who she is! Whatever that means. I think I’m definitely on Dimpy’s side on this one and she definitely came out of the fight the winner by not resorting to a loud pitch. But I did enjoy the unnecessary screaming… not!

The point is, Bigg Boss seems to have gotten apt wild card entrants who’re uninhibited enough to make a fool of themselves on “national television” (Karishma Tanna‘s favourite words!) and capable of providing mindless entertainment.

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