10 Hilarious Conversations You'd Overhear if You Worked At Team MissMalini!

MissMalini , 13 Nov 2014

So THIS is what “work” is like for me on most days at Team MissMalini HQ. (Also known as sugar and spice, naughty and nice – THAT’s what little blogs are made of!) I spend my afternoons listening to snatches of hilarious conversation flying around the room between members of Team MissMalini (my faves are when the Bollywood and Fashion teams collide, because those revelations are utterly insane and often blog-worthy!)

Um… to be perfectly honest, some of today’s conversations were not even PG 13 enough to make the cut (I’m looking at you Master Sheefu!), but here’s a little fly-on-the-wall perspective for your viewing pleasure, enzwai! :) xoxo

1. The One About Mamta Kulkarni

#PavitraPriyam: Can I please do a blog about Mamta Kulkarni detained for drug trafficking?
Me: Yes.
Marv: Mamta Kulkari is that same chath pe soya tha… chick right?
BollywoodKapoor: Right!

*5 minutes later*

#PavitraPriyam: What! Mamata Kulkarni was married to a drug lord?! Bas mein hi reh gayi hoon, kunwari. :(

2. The One About Flooding Twitter

Bollywood Kapoor: Do you know how insane your Twitter was going yesterday? Do you?!
Me: How insane?
Bollywood Kapoor: More than 1 RT a second!

Here’s Why! (Read the whole Barun Sobti Twitter Chat here.)

Barun Sobti & MissMalini
Barun Sobti & MissMalini

3. The One About Sonakshi Sinha and KRK

#PavitraPriyam: Malini, Kamal R Khan Tweeted you!

Me: Oh God, now what? *Meanwhile the dialogue form Deewar starts playing in my head – Aaj khush to bahut hoge tum…*
Rashmi: The Sonakshi Sinha smack down post, of course!
Me: Ah.
Rashmi: I think this means he’s going to take back his offer to cast you in his movie Deshdrohi 2.

Me: Bummer.

4. The One About The Ringtone Prank

*Baby Doll starts playing on Mike’s mobile, because the girls at work stole it and changed his ring tone yesterday! He seems to have no intention of changing it back. So I hit play on this video and enter Mike…*

Mike: Hey, I thought that was my phone!
Team MissMalini: LOL #Winning

5. The One About Salman Khan’s Hair

Pocket Stylist: I’m doing a post on how middle partings are THE hot new hair trend.
BollywoodKapoor: I hate middle partings, they suck.
Pocket Stylist: But everyone is doing it!
Swags: Salman Khan in Tere Naam did it.
Helsicar: Make sure you mention that Salman Khan was way ahead of his time.

Salman Khan in Tere Naam
Salman Khan in Tere Naam

6. The One About Kim Kardashian’s Booty

Pocket Stylist: Perez Hilton has put up a picture of the OO in Google as Kim Kardashian‘s bum. #JustSaying!
BollywoodKapoor: Listen this is too much, I feel like I’m watching porn at work.
Pocket Stylist: You are. #NSFW

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

BollywoodKapoor: Now I want a donut. Just look at her a** its all glazed up like a Krispy Cream donut!

7. The One With All The Presents

Pocket Stylist: Presents!!!
Marv: Presents or shopping?
Pocket Stylist: It’s like I’m getting myself a present…
Mike: It’s not “like” that, it’s exactly what it is!
Pocket Stylist: Presents!!!

Pocket Stylist
Pocket Stylist

8. The One With The Twitter Wars

Bollywood Kapoor: I just love when people have fights on Twitter!
Marv: Like people in general or…?
Team MissMalini: CELEBRITIES!

Six months ago….

Today… (please note that most Twitter wars tend to involve KRK in some way, shape or form. Coincidence much?)

9. The One About Obscure Bollywood References

Pocket Stylist: Khaa le bete.
Swags: Mein kaunsa gamla bhar ke khaa rahin hoon!
Pocket Stylist: Gamla nahin, vase. #K3GReference

10. The One About Sentences You Never Thought You’d Say

Nowshad: *to Shreemi* You’ll need to learn Photoshop if the quality of your hearts on paint aren’t good enough.
#PavitraPriyam: Did you ever think you would say that sentence out loud?
Shreemi: You decide:

Chandrachur Singh
Chandrachur Singh

And here’s a bonus tweet since you read this far :)

Shreemi and Priyam
Shreemi and Priyam

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