HAHA! Are Baba Ramdev & Kim Kardashian Outfit Clones?

HAHA! Are Baba Ramdev & Kim Kardashian Outfit Clones?

Shreemi Verma
Kim Kardashian's GQ Cover
Kim Kardashian’s GQ Cover

Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon and that is no secret! Her sense of style, her sex appeal and her business acumen have won her many admirers – I mean, how else would her show Keeping Up With The Kardashians complete 9 seasons? Anyway, as we know, there might be many people out there who are inspired by Kim K’s fashion sense, but do you know who she was inspired by? Of course you do, you’ve read the title! But I’m sure you guys don’t believe this, so here’s the proof:

Source: Instagram @fatemasd146

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Kim Kardashian West found her outfit clone in none other than Baba Ramdev. I will give you a moment to digest this.

Is this the first time this has happened? No.

Source: Tumblr.com

As I said, I have proof.

Baba Ramdev
Source: Tumblr.com

Coincidence? I think not.